Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

In collaboration with the UC San Diego Center for Integrative Nutrition, the Berry Good Food Foundation convenes a panel of experts to discuss the rise of comprehensive medicine and nutritional healing to treat chronic disease and maintain general well-being. [6/2018] [Show ID: 33486]

Future Thought Leaders

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  1. sounds like a scam advert when i hear Hypocrates learnt chinese and indian med….
    ripping off people gor nothing?

  2. Thank you Drs. for speaking calmly, pronouncing clearly, being knowledgeable and kind. Thank you 😊.

  3. Yes I have one friend who did it. and another Intervenes vitamin C healed my friends big tumor! God bless you ! hope the rest of the doctors get on board to heal!

  4. The woman on the far right from Dickinson Farms is excellent. Also the mom with allergic kids.

  5. To digest protein you cannot connect it with long chain sugars=starches. To digest and absorb nutrients you need low insulin levels and longer time between meals to develop healthy digestive balance.

  6. Recover from autism? Hmmmm switched off there. I’m all about healthy and nutritional eating, I have two daughters with autism. It’s neurological.

  7. The moderator is pushing the group to be politically correct to not speak I’ll of GMO foods. I sure wouldn’t eat her romaine, either!

  8. My mum fed us healthy home grown fruit, lots of veggies, a healthy diet of various foods.
    Later when I was grown up I just carried on eating healthy food & when I had a family I gave them healthy foods. Now I’m so pleased to see my 22 year old son prepare his work lunches of fruit, veggies, nuts, a bit of meat or fish. He loves trying out different varieties of cooked veggies or salads. I’m really so proud of him.
    It was wonderful though when he said a couple days ago that his liking for eating healthy was due to me teaching him what was healthy & tasty.

  9. May I say "Food Revolution" for Healthy Life Span with the Quality of Lie While Serving the Others?
    My Warm Best Regards to You All.

  10. Nothing can compare the joy in my heart for being free from this terrible disease Herpes,for a long time I suffer from it not until I saw a review on how ( Dr onomen ) on YouTube Cured someone from Herpes.. I contacted him and bought his medicine lucky for me I was cured and free..

  11. Great video and very interesting, but I was able to get rid of my four years herpes virus through the help of an African herbalist on YouTube called Dr okosun, Dr okosun has the permanent cure for herpes and other diseases, he cured me completely from herpes. 😊

  12. You mean to tell us the greeks didn’t get any approach to medicine from the Egyptians??…they seem to get everything else…I call BS

  13. You don’t need the covid vaccine. Take in fruits and veggies everyday is the real natural treatment not from for-profit big pharma.

  14. I was blessed that my ancestors came from Italy. My great grandmother, grandmother and mother all cooked beans with pasta, and made green leafy escorol, and bitter broccoli, also lentils and with carrots, and celery. They cooked this way because it was healthy and inexpensive. But today, things are a little different because the food quality different. Ok, it looks good, but its sprayed. It is nearly impossible for me to find the items I want in my local grocer in upper central NY. In the winter "organic" vegetables often look limp, and old, and don’t last long. Vegetables are often cut in the fields wherever they come from with metal blades, and the vegetables are often rusty. I refuse to buy a vegetable that has rust seeping up into the leaves. I figure if rust can destroy a car, then it can destroy me. It’s been very difficult to eat clean, and I often lose heart. Not to mention that organic in its poor quality in the winter up north is also expensive for wilthing food. Just saying. Maybe its only where I go shopping. I think I may start ordering online. But one question. Don’t they spray the trucks before they travel across state lines anyway even if the food is grown clean? Anyone out there ever think about rust and truck spraying?

  15. on my first breakout I was scared to death. I thought it was bed bugs bites… until I saw a doc. but I google and read alot and realised the painful part is the blisters. for anyone who got the herpes virus the best thing to do is contact (dradigba@gmail.com) . And live healthy. let you immune system do the fighting.. God bless. Or WhatsApp Mobile Number +2348077875210…

  16. Thy food, air, dirt & water is Contaminated. A bit late, eh folks????
    LOOK at the nano-sized perpetual fog, Sleeple.

  17. Interesting, no one, especially the mom mentioned anything about vaccines. Also, intermittent fasting is so important for detoxing and healing.

  18. If it is so, that our food and water are being altered by these chemicals, then why are we allowing them to be LEGALLY and easily accessed and used in the foods we consume??!! And I’m not asking because I’m doubting the use of the chemicals in our foods, I’m asking because I’m concerned with our health (myself, family, community & the world).

  19. Very good information and continues the effort to spread this valuable information to the public.

  20. OMG i never believe in herbs until a friend told me about dr ighalo7 on YouTube for helping her curing her Herpes and i decide to email him and he send me the herbal medicine through UPS courier service and he told me how to drink it and i drink it for just 15 days and i was healed and now i am now Herpes negative now all thanks to dr ighalo7 on YouTube thanks to him God Bless You Forever dr ighalo7 on YouTube…..

  21. i assure you it’s extremely difficult to find organic food where i live in the north of peru!! people from all over the world are delighted to listen to this fascinating group ! thank you ( like seeing the Mexican chairs!)

  22. Wonderful information! I thank you all because I strongly believe that part of our life is to use it the smartest way with intention and not in autopilot!
    Namaste 🙏

  23. Of course everything you eat and drink affects the body. Take for example psoriasis. Yes it can be cured. Not by lotions or water but by changing your food. I have psoriasis but you can’t tell.

  24. The truth is that foof medicine improves problems so easily and fast that western conservative sh..t can`t get a profit

  25. Any time I need to lose weight, I do a month of ONLY: vegetables, cottage cheese & 1 serving of plain yogurt. I do use stevia sweetener. I drop 8-12 lbs depending on how much I exercise. Every time I do it …..I feel WONDERFUL & have more energy….my mood is stabilized. But I can’t stay on it for life. I drop my extra weight & then try to just do Keto….allowing meat, seeds, fish….wine 2x’s a week. If the weight goes backup…..about 2 times a year ….I need an alcohol free month.

  26. i want to appreciate draziegbe1 on YouTube for giving me back my life again, i was diagnose of herpes virus after the use of draziegbe1 herbal medicine i got cured, all thanks to draziegbe1 I will forever be grateful to draziegbe1  on YouTube.

  27. i love this ivebeen listening to you and taking notes for 4 days, and I am going Avuryedic……….

  28. I have had a covid what made me start taking supplement of vit D. I think vit D helped to remove depressive symptoms and prompted me to start healing diet. I decided to do keto fasting. It is 9 weeks and difference in my health and mind is absolutely amazing.
    I am taking trace minerals Potassium, Magnesium Selenium, Zinc, vitamins B1, B12 40.000UI of vit D3, 10.000UI of Retinol drops = vit A, Omega 3= cod liver oil..
    I eat once a day and drink water for the rest of the day. If I use any dairy then its only lactose free.
    I have couple of really weak coffees in the morning.
    My levels of energy are amazing, I don’t get tired, I bearly sweat, I am not bloated. I have also lost 15kg Everyone should try it.
    It is sad that doctors do not treat people through basic life supporting principle which is a nutrition. It is a base for life and health!

  29. Use modern medicine when necessary and be open to other health modalities.

  30. My colleague is a prize winning grower of malting barley.
    This month, May, guess what he’s doing?
    Spraying it.

  31. Health is how we live day by day. It is the choice we make with what we eat for a start then a habit follows to be more mindful with every thing we do to maintain it. To the panel thanks for the enlightment.

  32. I was diagnosed with severe RA in 2005 when I was 36 years old and told by one of the leading RA specialist in my country at the time that I need to go onto CHEMO to control the symptoms and then make peace with the fact that I will end up in a wheelchair before I turn 50. When I asked him if my problem is related to my diet … he told me not to waste time with "old wives tales". I ignored his advice and started looking at my diet and learned more about what aggravates my RA …. 16 years later I’m in better shape and more active I’ve ever been.

  33. Happy to see this title from a modern University!
    In Tamizh culture siddhas designed a food system with medicinal benefits.
    They said
    only food is medecine
    உணவே மருந்து

  34. Somebody ought to tell Bill Gates to spend his efforts on healthy soil and not to be so excessively concerned about getting people inoculated with dead fetuses vaccines globally!

  35. I am learning so much here—will have to watch it several times, and take notes too!
    I am grateful you all got together, and presented this in easy to understand terms.

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