Luxury Wellness Retreat In New Zealand (Maruia River Retreat) | Reveal NZ S2 E1

Luxury Wellness Retreat In New Zealand (Maruia River Retreat) | Reveal NZ S2 E1

Episode 1 of Reveal New Zealand Season 2 kicks off at the luxury accommodation Maruia River Retreat, followed by a walk on NZ’s longest swing bridge! ✪ Wanting to travel in New Zealand? Our ultimate travel guide is here — ⬇ More Below ⬇

We’re a week or so away from collecting our new campervan, so we’re kicking off our New Zealand adventures this time with a stay at Maruia River Retreat. Maruia is 2 hours South of Nelson and the perfect zen, wellness and namaste luxury accommodation set within the beech forest.

Prices at Maruia River Retreat depend on the room option, seasons, any specific retreats and deals they have on —

Just up the road is the Buller Gorge – close to 200km worth of gorge running through the South Island. It’s home to the longest swing bridge in New Zealand, though it’s actually also the longest in the Southern Hemisphere!

So to balance out the luxury accommodation, we went to the Buller Gorge, walked the swing bridge and took a cruise through Murchison as well.

Season 2 of Reveal NZ is a 15+ part video series showcasing the best things to do, see and experience in the Upper South Island. We’re visiting Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough, Kaikoura, Hanmer Springs, Christchurch and more! We’ll be going full vanlife for a portion of the trip in a top of the line motorhome as well, walking some of New Zealand’s best tracks and checking out some incredible accommodation as well…. If you’re not already, we’d love for you to subscribe and follow along with all episodes here —​

More than just the upper South Island, New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country with so much to offer — but it’s a lot larger than what you’d expect! We’re producing the Ultimate New Zealand Travel Guide, a hub full of Kiwi knowledge to help you on your next adventures here. Take a look —

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Disclaimer — for this portion of the trip we’re hosted by Nelson Tasman Tourism. This helps us show the best things to see & do, share the best videos we can and help you plan for your own trip.

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We’re Dane & Stacey — a couple of nomadic travellers from little New Zealand, doing big things. In early 2017 we booked a one-way ticket to Thailand and traveled for 3 years non-stop… but travel has changed for everyone since late 2019 obviously.

Now we spend most of our time in New Zealand, experiencing our own country through the eyes of a tourist and sharing that all here, with you.

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  1. Yay! Series 1 was so great. Looking forward to Season 2! Plus, with 3 Covid vaccines out now, case numbers are going down as well as travel restrictions. Dare I hope to see you guys vlog international destinations around the world again? One can always hope! 🤞

  2. Your enthusiasm and joy for each experience is infectious. Also you are both ridiculously photogenic . You are perfect for this.. Thank you for brightening up cold locked down Ireland. x

  3. going to love this more indepth adventure, especially since I’ve had to move my goalposts for a holiday in the SI (I’m in Aucks as you know) to Springtime…

  4. Catching up on you guys! Doing a little binge watching, not sure why I’ve missed these videos. What a beautiful hike! Love the River!~Cara 😊

  5. Everything from beginning to end is just beautiful, what a lovely country. Thank you for an excellent video.

  6. An absolute slice of heaven. What a beautiful place. Wonderful photography and perfectly timed music…just the way you always do it! So looking forward to this new tour of NZ. Thanks so much!

  7. Haha….as a Kiwi who has lived overseas for 20 years, it is always the Kiwi accent on flight safety announcements that ‘gets me’.

  8. What was the piece of music you used for this video? it’s honestly the best subtle tune that makes it feel so real! I loved it!

  9. WELL DONE! So glad you included the small town, well rounded coverage of the area. Greetings from Midwest USA. Looking forward to this series!

  10. Wow! How beautiful. Our good friend lives in Nelson. We absolutely must book our visit. Can hardly wait.

  11. Amazing start to this series! You managed to pack in such a diverse range of activities. Loved the colour of that river. And that hot tub location was just perfect!

  12. fantastic video as always, such stunning scenery but I would have been too chicken to walk over that bridge. Hev fun both of you lovely people.

  13. Your channel is Awesome! been binging all your south island vlogs, we are planning a roadie in july this year, can’t wait 😍😍

  14. This brings back great memories. I want to go back sooo badly. Love the quality, well done🥰🤩🏆

  15. Wow another great video, I love your videos, The beauty of New Zealand’s mountains and rivers remind me of my home in the Olympic Peninsula. You guys are so lucky to live in a wonderland. 💚Thanks for sharing your homeland with all of us, you two are my favorite YouTube couple.👩‍❤️‍👩 Hope all you YouTubers can travel international soon, Stay safe 🐻

  16. Its so crazy to see stuff like this, as someone that has grown up in the bush and spent the majority of their life away from the whole city and recently only just tryna get used to it, its so strange for me to see people experiencing my idea of "Everyday life" as i guess a holiday. Really makes me miss the whistling birds and the water crashing down in the creek, something i would have never even payed a second thought to if not for moving to town, birds replaced by the bikeys speeding past, and the creeks by neighbours, and trees by power poles. Honestly trips me out XD

  17. New Zealand is so beautiful. I want to go there. The scenery is gorgeous. I love everything about the place. Thank you for the video period too bad I live on the east coast of the United States. I love the hot tub and the scenery.

  18. Yay so glad you’re exploring my neck of the woods 😍, was kinda pissed you passed right on through, on your first Sth island trip, read your article on stuff news about the scenic Marlborough flight, and sent that straight through to my husband to read hint,hint😄

  19. Ah what a way to start your month-long trip around the South Island!! It makes my heart yearn to be in NZ, cannot wait to get on the first plane back to this incredible country and what a genuine representation of these locations your sharing through the Reveal NZ series ❤️

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