Misconceptions About Health & Wellness

Misconceptions About Health & Wellness

Does cracking your knuckles give you arthritis? How much water should you REALLY drink a day? And what the HECK do crystals do for my health?

In this episode of Misconceptions, host Justin Dodd (@juddtoday) answers these burning questions about your health. Don’t believe everything you read out there, your body will thank you.

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  1. The amount of water you need per day varies greatly with climate. For example, in Death Valley in the summer (Temp. 130F humidity 0.25%) you need to drink a *LOT* more than normal. More than a gallon, but I can’t remember the exact number.
    In fact, you need to carry 1 gallon of water per passenger incase you break down. It might take a few hours to be rescued and people have died waiting for help.

  2. I just want the small little clip about crystals and I want to show it to every annoying girl on Facebook who is praying with a stone instead of going to a doctor.

  3. I’m a big fan of Dr. Pauling. Interesting side anecdote: in 1963-4, when i was a kid, our Mom would megadose us with Vitamin C to help clear up poison oak, which was rampant in the woods around our house. Our faithful daily dose was 250mg, but those times with poison oak, it was 1,500-2,000. I really do think it helped. I have a vague memory that she did this because of Dr. Pauling’s work. We lived in the Portland area, which is where Dr. Pauling was based, so it could’ve been a local news item. He was a cool guy, definitely.

  4. John Green always spoke so fast you had to really pay attention and kept his info concise. This guy is talking so slow that my mind wandered and 3.5 minutes in when he was still rambling about water I just gave up and stopped watching. Nothing against him personally, just the format and the script.

  5. would have liked more science/evidence behind the crystal declaimer. i hate the woowoo and understand the placebo effect is very real especially regarding stones but this vid wont sway anyone who already believes in it. would have been nice to here scientifically how stones don’t emanate energy or how it hasnt been shown that our body regeisters or absorbs any from them. to as stone enthusiast this is just some internet guy saying it doesnt work. i wouldnt be persuaded personally

  6. Humans beings come in a lot of sizes. The average adult is one hundred and ninety five pounds. The amounts of water needed depends on what size you are. What i go by is an half ounce of water for every pound of weight.

  7. I used to believe Herpes can’t be cured, just as the other doctor’s told me, until I met Dr Ado on YouTube and got completely cured from 2years Genetials herpes in just 10days.

  8. Of course caffeine isn’t dehydrating, how could all the extreme sports activities be sponsored by RedBull, Rockstar and Monster if they weren’t truly helpful and contributing factors for the great performances of these athletes who drink nothing else, ever? 😉

  9. Love that the example of, "a crystal user might convince herself…" as opposed to him or herself.

  10. Sweet potato in chicken noodle soup? Why?? I’ve never heard of this before, sounds gross 🤢 lol

  11. Thanks for this. I get SOOO irritated by 95% of the constant bombardment of "health" bullshit. Drink when you are thirsty, eat a variety of foods, (less processed the better) get exercise and watch your portions. Simple, and easy. Meat is fine vegans, SHUT UP! If you want to be vegan, whatever, but it’s one of the most over-used words in the US and also complete bullshit. You feel better now that your vegan?? That’s funny, cuz I heard the same testimonials from every person who tried the Atkins diet. Eat what you want, just watch portions try to include a variety of foods and be mindful of where your all of your food comes from.

  12. It’s not like I’d be able to stop cracking my knuckles even if I knew it was bad.

    And about grip strength… I went to physical therapy after getting surgery to fix my broken distal radius. The therapist would measure my grip strength each time. I only ever got back to about 80% of the strength compared to my uninjured hand. But that was still 300% of the therapist’s grip strength and she didn’t have any hand injury. So it’s all relative. Unless your grip is too weak to hold on to the things you need to hold, it probably doesn’t matter if you have slightly weakened hands from knuckle cracking.

  13. By definition "Alternative Medicine" Has either not been proved to work, or been proved not to work. Do you know what we call ‘alternative medicine’ that’s been proven to work? MEDICINE!

  14. How did any of us old folks survive before the compulsion to carry a water bottle and chug water constantly?

  15. As for the Virgin Mary and healing touch, you should do a little research into th springs of Lourdes, France. Some legit medical miracles have occurred regarding them that are well outside the bounds of the placebo effect, and that are regularly examined by doctors and scientists, who can’t explain many of them. No shit. Check it out.

  16. La Croix sucks, long live Waterloo, Aha, and Good & Gather! But seriously, people’s perceptions of vitamins and minerals are often very, VERY wrong.

  17. I never heard that vitamin C prevents a cold. I always heard that it was good for a cold to get rid of it.

  18. Your pronunciation of the names of Hungary’s best scientists needs some serious work – it’s like you weren’t even trying. Which in itself is fine, they are hard, but within the context of a video that is meant to be educational…pretty poor effort.

  19. I’m on several medicines that tend to make one thirsty – I average more like 4 liters of water (7 fills of my 20oz Contigo) just in water alone every day.

  20. 06:15 Bro, did you bump your head sneezing? You should have the bump or lump on your forehead checked out when your cold is over!!

  21. I get about my 8 glasses of water whenever I mow my Texas lawn in the summer. You sure go through a lot of water doing that.

  22. I always figured the chicken soup thing was just because it was easy to digest and has a pretty good variety of nutrients to keep you going even if you’re feeling to lousy to eat much of anything.

  23. I’m a fan of SOME alternative medicine, such as herbal remedies. A lot of modern western medicine was derived from plants, such as aspirin and some antiseptics. The chemical compounds in medicinal plants are fascinating!

  24. I drink nowhere near that much and an perfectly healthy. Maybe 1-2 cups of liquid per day. Drink when you are thirsty and you’ll be fine.

  25. Oh geez. Linus Pauling’s quackery. Guys, come on, get some context and fact-checkers. Lots of citation required in this vid. Better hope Miles Power doesn’t come for you.

  26. I just noticed that the way his mouth moves when he talks looks a lot like Donald Trump when he talks.. I can’t unsee it🙈

  27. Linus Pauling and Henry Heimlich are two of the best examples of respected scientists who ended up going just a _bit_ off the rails later in their careers.

  28. In studies I have read I have found that the placebo effect is pretty awesome. It works even if you know it is a placebo. It works better if the placebo is an injection rather than a sugar pill. It also works better if the person administering the placebo is dressed like a medical professional.

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