Mixed English Grammar Quiz

Mixed English Grammar Quiz

Test Your English Grammar with this video.

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00:21 Question 1
Inna ______ meat, but now She’s a vegetarian.
A) use to eat
B) used to ate
C) used to eat

00:51 Question 2
______, my dishwasher broke down.
A) Last week
B) At last week
C) On last week

01:21 Question 3
The answers are worth 5 points ______.
A) every
B) each
C) all

01:51 Question 4
Have you ______ the cat?
A) fed
B) feed
C) fold

02:21 Question 5
The care facility for ______ is due to open next year.
A) the older
B) the elderly
C) the elderlies

02:50 Question 6
That’s between ______.
A) he and I
B) him and I
C) him and me

03:20 Question 7
Never ______ your opponent.
A) undergo
B) undertake
C) underestimate

03:51 Question 8
She ___________ black.
A) doesn’t usually wear
B) usually doesn’t wear
C) doesn’t wear usually

04:20 Question 9
We were all ______ because the movie was ______.
A) boring / bored
B) bored / boring
C) boring / boring

04:50 Question 10
I asked a lot of questions but he didn’t answer ______.
A) no
B) none
C) any

05:20 Question 11
We ______ better discuss the details later.
A) had
B) should
C) would

05:50 Question 12
Let me ______ a look at that book.
A) having
B) have
C) to have

06:20 Question 13
Which is the odd one out?
A) vital
B) brutal
C) controlled

06:50 Question 14
Everybody congratulated him ______ his new job.
A) for
B) with
C) on

07:20 Question 15
He told me it ______ rain today.
A) will
B) was going to
C) is going to


  1. This are just very simple questions 😂, I mean you know what I mean.
    Like how can no get the answers correct 🤣 it’s easier than that easy Japanese test that I took while ago.

  2. I got 13 out of 15 but it doesn’t make sense that we had better discuss the details later . I’d also go with should .

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