Mountain Health & Wellness

Mountain Health & Wellness

Μountain Health & Wellness has been serving the needs of residents of Pinal County in Arizona for the past 28 years. We have expanded our service area to include Maricopa, Yuma and La Paz Counties. More importantly, in our efforts to meet our clients’ whole health needs, we expanded our services into both the physical health and wellness arenas. Come see our 35,000 square foot Integrated Health Care Facility in Apache Junction, Arizona. Mountain Health & Wellness is providing Primary Health Care and Wellness services there, in addition to the comprehensive Behavioral Health Care services we have always provided.

Mountain Health & Wellness has developed an innovative practice model that embodies our philosophy of whole person care while promoting wellness. This approach to health care addresses the whole person by integrating behavioral health with primary health care while promoting wellness and prevention. In this model, our medical and behavioral health staff can work with patients in the same exam rooms to ensure integrated care. Both are involved in assessments, brief interventions and follow-up with patients. Where appropriate, patients may also be referred for wellness activities (e.g. smoking cessation, nutritional education, gardening, physical activities, etc.), as well as traditional psychotherapy, and psychiatric services.

Presently serving seven communities in Arizona, Mountain Health & Wellness is excited to implement this innovative practice model at a time when health care is undergoing transformation nationally. It is our hope that our integrated model will improve outcomes for people and reduce health care costs for society.

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