1. I just downloaded this app on my iphone 6 today and there is no big plus button in my diary. Is there no way to add exercises through my phone??? Do I have to keep going to the web?

  2. I understand how to calculate your calories with cardio, but what if i’m adding in my strength exercises? I can add them in but there is no way to tell or track how many calories i’ve burned doing it.

  3. can anyone tell me how to add strength training? i click on "add exercise" then "strength" then i put in something like "bent knee sit-up" and it asks me to put in how many i do in a set and how many sets i did, it also has an option that says "weight per repetition" but I’m not sure what that means so i leave that empty, and it says you don’t have to fill it out. but when i click the tick it doesn’t put anything about how many calories i have burned or add anything to my calorie consumption for the day! Am i doing something wrong or do you burn very little calories from strength training??

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