1. I think you are amazing and I love your videos. I know the questions are not yours so please know I’m not freaking out on you… BUT! the question that says after throat surgery which liquid would you give your patient… UUUMMMMM non of these! why would you give someone carbonation? Not only is ginger ale is VERY carbonated it is also acidic. So hot tea with lemon is also wrong because it is hot and acidic. Obviously oatmeal and chicken noodle soup are out. SO NONE OF THE ABOVE. Who do you go to for disputes of NCLEX questions? I would like to have this question changed as it is inaccurate and bad teaching.

  2. I love your videos!!! I find the best way for me to study is getting as many practice questions in. Thank you❤️

  3. Love your video great job I really would like to see more of these videos where you go over NCLEX. I wish you were my instructor love your attitude and teaching style.

  4. Omg why didnt I see you two years ago🤦🏽‍♀️I have one more year of school to go, thank you so much !!!

  5. I just wanted to say you are so funny and these types of videos are helping me study for my ATI proctored exams, so thank u!!!!

  6. Your videos are amazing, they helped me get the content and I passe my hesi exit. thank you so much. I will be using them for my board exam.

  7. I love your content, thank you so much for doing this!! Only ONE minor correction regarding the Islam/Judaism diet restriction question: Muslims CAN consume caffeine, it’s MORMONS who do not consume caffeine. It doesn’t change the correct answer, but just something to keep in mind. 🙂

  8. They say third times a charm, am officially a nurse 🎉🎉 for all my repeat test takers don’t give up and don’t be discouraged.

  9. This video is out dating in regards to the anorexia question around minute 6. Anorexia has two sub groups, restrictive and binge/purge

  10. Thank you so much! I have an upcoming exam and having access to your contents have helped me so m tremendously. I appreciate you challenging my mind. 🥰

  11. Thank you so much for what you are doing! You must really remember what it is like to be a student. This really helps! I have an exam in 4 days on nutrition!

  12. Absolutely love your reviews and the way you teach. I graduate God willing in June 2022 and am hoping you do an
    NCLEX review.

  13. I love when you yell at us and remind us that we are not a doctor!! I can literally hear you when I’m testing and it’s funny but your teaching is the best!! I learn so much watching you. I pray God prosper you times 10!!

  14. What is in Nepro? Does Nepro go bad? i might have the spelling wrong, i think it was low or no sugar meal replacement.

  15. I take my ATI proctored nutrition exam this Fall semester! It will be my last semester of nursing school too! Thank you for your video. I found it very helpful and shared it with peers. I am on my way to watching part two 🙂

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