1. Mam you told that orange is full of phosphorus that ill lead to toxicity but why you recommend 1/2 cup of orange juice ??

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  5. to be honest, i don’t know what is left to eat…and even if i limit food i still don’t lose weight…so what is going on here. i hardly eat and gain weight..i know i have fatty liver and that is why i can’t lose weight..but yeah ..i just eat anything with limits..i need help.

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  7. This is a very very good video because we all can have kidney disease most of the people of the world have diabetes heart disease so is good to know about our kidneys because the diabetes iLearn it’s your pancreas it’s not working good is that why we have diabetes because of our pancratz thank you for this video may you have a blessed one and your family

  8. i liek this video but I wish the video maker would use a mic that is close to their mouth instead of sounding like your in a huge room i feel like i must turn sound up sighes

  9. What a bunch of bull crap!! The only thing that ppl with CKD is avoid the excess sugar and PROCESSED FOOD. Depending on the severity of CKD limit protein and potassium
    DO NOT limit salt. Salt is necessary in maintaining electrolytes in the body. If you love salty foods do not go beyond RDA. Most important of all is todrink a lot of water.

  10. It’s very hard to eat right when all these foods are forbidden. In my channel, which all about kidney health, I always try to show what foods people with kidney problems should be eating to get better instead of what to avoid.

  11. I’m disappointed that there is no warning about the dangers of consuming meat when you have chronic kidney disease. There is also no mentioning of PRAL (potential renal acid load) in this presentation. If you have CKD, stay away from meat and dairy and start learning how interpret your blood tests. Look up Lee Hull’s book on CKD.

  12. Tell me what I can eat talk talk for an hour my doctor said eat beans I know you said don’t eat I have very very high potassium I have stage 4 kidney

  13. How well versed are you in nutritional education? I get you’re a physician but thst does NOT make you an expert in kidney nutrtion!

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