1. Thank you for making these lectures available and easily accessible. My class has no lectures, its basically self taught. I really appreciate this.

  2. Is this American or something? Im doing an Australian course and some things are slightly different in my text book.
    In Australia its the RDI and not RDA.
    the protein recommendation is 15-25% from calories and not 10-25%.
    I’m confused now

  3. This might sound like a dumb question but at the start when you spoke about minerals and fats etc, where about does fibre come under? Or am I being thick lol

  4. I have a question for you as regard to research studies.

    Ideally what type of research studies would be used for nutrition and when it is not ethical, what are other types of research studies that can be used?

  5. Excellent All videos weldone these r major topics whose included start from 8 clss to mstr Clss its relly helpful To Correct ourknowldge

  6. Like many of the commenters my Nutrition class is an online self taught class. Theses lectures really have helped me understand more of the book. Thanks!

  7. I found these videos doing a search for nutrition. Is this some type of college class or something is there a book that goes along with this I couldn’t find any other information.

  8. Thank you. I was wondering which text book are you using and if you could upload the ppt files ? This lecutres really helpful

  9. for a months i was searching for nutrition full information.


    finally i found this

    thank you soooooooooooo much for this all chapters and so much help.

    you deserve all goood , my prayers with you

  10. hello madam
    you have really excellent understanding
    i would like aske a question in which i am too much confused i lots of studied watched vedios to understand exact correct nutrition definition but i am still confused i got a concept from all of this but i am not sure that is it right that i think definition of Nutrition is
    1) nutrition is the science or investigation of food and
    nutrition is the science or investigation of food take in body to meet its requirements ,
    nutrition is the analysis of that food which intake by the body and
    nutrition is the analysis of the relation between the food and body with regard to any impect of food on body.
    2) study of food that intake the body for meet its requirement.
    3) observation of food and how take the food .
    4) study of food in all forms and all processes how our body ingest , digest , metabolize , mobilize , store and excrete food ,
    please kindly tell me my above mentioned 4 points are correct or not with regard to correct nutrition definition ?

  11. One of the best explanations and easy to understand the way you put it. Im so glad im not lost.

  12. I have a feeling youre going to be a big reason why Ill be passing Nutrition. Our instructor made us a study guide and slides available but the slides answer none of the study guide questions..FML!

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