Nutritionist & Personal Trainer – Career Insights (Careers in Health & Fitness)

Nutritionist & Personal Trainer – Career Insights (Careers in Health & Fitness)

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Interested in a career in Health & Fitness?

Ever wanted to know how to become a Nutritionist and/or Personal Trainer?

Mark provides career insight into his job as a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. He explains how he got started, a typical career path and how he has grown his knowledge, client base and offering with additional courses and experience. Find out what a typical day is like, most satisfying and challenging aspects of the job and what he wished he knew before he started out.

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  1. Just some advice from a 100% introvert. It does not mean you cannot be outgoing and act happy all the time. It just means it’s not your gut feeling to be that way so it’s a bit harder. Everyone finds different things hard so it’s a non issue imo.
    Obviously play to whatever strengths you have and work at your weakness.
    A lot of people think I’m an extrovert just because I can be that way but it takes me a good amount of time for the way I might be acting to feel real.

  2. Who would you recommend doing an online Nutrition course with to becoming a nutrition coach? There’s a lot of options and I’m reading mixed reviews about different company’s.

  3. Hey. This is so smart! I have been trying to search for a vid that really breaks down the stuff in this vid! 👍 That tip at 1:13 is my fav. Your content really reminds me of the channel from this insightful med student Dr Ethan. Dr Ethan’s videos are really helpful and I learned a lot for my exams! He is a knowledgable health enthusiast.

    You should really watch his YT out and give the doc a like! 👉 #DoctorEthanScience

  4. im a college student whos trying to find his career path right now. I’ve been thinking about trying to become a nutritionist and a personal trainer but I heard the pay isnt really good. Is this true? I want a job I love and to have at least a decent pay. thank you! first time here!

  5. 10-9 is a work day? Thats crazy. Are trainers allowed to stop creative work at 6? Im naturally an introvert and have asd. I do believe there are succesful quiet shy trainers in this creative field.

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