Period Exercise [Workout To Do During Period]

Period Exercise [Workout To Do During Period]

For the special period days when you’re getting cramps and you need a workout that is suitable to do…

When you need special exercises that will make your period go easier and less painful, and still give you a good workout…

Then you have this routine to do at home!

Do this workout whenever the need comes, and try to do it till the end. Leave me a comment and tell me if you find this workout useful or not.

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Good luck!❤️💪


  1. Thank you 😊💓😌❣️☺️💖
    My cramps during periods 😸 are very less than before 😃🙂

  2. i didnt do running, jumping and hopping, i replaced them with walking and plank. i’d like to sweat but i think it’s ok to not tired like routine work out in my period 😂

  3. Why the hell she is semi clad… We can excercise when we are fully mostly loosely dressed up.. and comfortable too

  4. Arm circle
    Back turn
    Side bends
    Knee hugs
    Ski hopes
    High knee twists
    Reverse lunges
    Donkey kicks
    Mountain climbers
    Running in place.

    Side lunges

    Side leg raise

  5. Hello.try chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, it’s a life changing phylosophy which i have been chanting since 9 years!

  6. Thank you so much for your work outs.
    I’m so addicted to them.
    As a matter of fact i’m amongst your top fans.

  7. From three months I am doing some exercises for one hour and my period is happening before 10 days from the date. Someone pls give me any suggestions what I can do for it 😔😔

  8. This is the best period workout not so light not so hard makes u sweat but with simple exercises
    Thank u roberta gym

  9. Feeling really good…it’s my 3rd day and I wanted to do some exercise since my 1st day 😂….atlast did it now…I feel really energetic
    Thanks for the easy workouts!!!

  10. This was wonderful… I flow very heavy and felt great afterwards.. How many approximate calories burned? My calorie watch is not always accurate

  11. I’m 11 and I’m 56 kg.. I am participating in an dance competition at school .. They said i need to be 45kg to do this.. I really wanna do this.. So i have 2 months in my hand.. Is it possible? Because I’m a kid, i don’t follow any diet. Just avoid fast food and fried.

  12. the workout is super easy so I’m doing it to not stop working out even when I am in my period so it’s great one to make you keep on exercice thank you

  13. I’m on my second day ….these exercises made me feel light and helped me to continue my workout… thanks Roberta’s Gym 😘

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