Protein Priority Diet – What I eat in a day

Protein Priority Diet – What I eat in a day

Protein Priority Diet – What I eat in a day on my new high protein diet. I have created keto style, high protein diet and it launches on the 20th of August 2021. You can already join the 30 program now and the membership opens on the 20th – sign up here

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  1. at aldi they have keto bread but we can,t go out at the moment before of covi on all the keto website they do say that if you eat too many calorie you wont loose weight …

  2. Thanks for the discount code. This way the delivery cost are covered (US -> Belgium) and I don’t feel like it’s too expensive.

  3. been keto since 2018. lost 87 pounds and stalled at 200 pounds for a little over a year. Devastation of all that 2020 could do and i crashed and gained 50 pounds in 2.5 months. I have been back to keto but it is very slow this time. Age 59, post hysterectomy and no hormone therapy. Not going to the gym has made it tough calorie wise. So looking forward for a super strong start, and support. I have never joined any keto program so this is going to be interesting. Wishing great success to all the followers and challenge participants. Love following you from Minneapolis- Minnesota, USA. God bless your journey and continued success, Mummy G

  4. If any UK peeps want to try out the protein bread, I found some last night in our local Polish supermarket. I may have to fight my OH for it though – he likes a bit of toasted rye bread.

  5. Congrats on getting your mammogram. The breasts are composed of glandular tissue as well as fat. Some people their ratio of gland to fat varies. For this reason some women who gain weight or lose weight can lose their breast size because of the loss of fat. Women whose breast tissue is mostly glandular will not see as dramatic a change. For all women as we age breast feeding and hormones change the ratio of glandular tissue to fat. As we age the glandular tissue is replaced by fat. This makes reading mammograms easier. Losing a significant amount of weight will also benefit your health by lowering your risk of breast cancer, both because of the health benefits of losing weight and because of the less fat in the breast. A less dense/ fatty breast is easier to read for the Radiologists. Women should get a mammogram starting at age 40-40 and get them every year there after. CONGRATS on your first "Baseline"-Mammogram. Good health to you, pray your results are normal. G.Jideofor R.T.(R)(M) – Registered Technologist Radiology and Mammography.

  6. Hey 🙂 I love to see how dedicated you are when losing weight, because it’s not easy to be so dedicated everyday! But keep working hard! New subscriber to your channel ❤️ love to help each other grow more

  7. Hi Christina! Hello Everyone! I’m so happy you posted when the Protein Priority Cut is going to start, I’m really looking forward to it!!! ^_^
    Edit: Yeah, nothing with Stevia for me. It may be a ‘natural’ product but after researching it, men should avoid it at all costs, and women should research it to decide if it’s something they want to use. I personally don’t like it at all and try to avoid it at all costs. I’d rather have a completely unsweetened product or something like allulose, coconut, or monkfruit. Anyone else also think pre-sweetened products are over-sweetened? I use KetoChow electrolyte drops in my water, tea, coffee, etc. I can taste a little bit in my water but nothing else. If I add some lemon to my water, I don’t taste the electrolytes. (they don’t have a very strong taste if mixed properly using the measuring cap ;D ) I also do use plain collagen peptides and plain beef protein (both unflavored & unsweetened.)

  8. I have been doing Keto/Carnivore for 1 1/2 years and only lost 20 lbs. After 1 week of non keto/carnivore items off and on I am back to square 1😔😭All my hard work erased!I feel very discouraged at this point!All my bloodwork is normal, but the weight makes me feel HORRIBLE !

  9. Thank you so much for these videos! Your content is always so helpful and amazing, even just the day to day. 💜

  10. So looking forward to the new program. I had more veggies than usual yesterday & my stomach is NOT happy about it! I just need to learn to avoid most of them!

  11. Christine, l would be worried about processed foods. Does it not matter anymore, your eating has changed. I’ve found that if l eat sweet things it puts me back to want more. I’m not criticising your protocol, it’s your life and if it works for you, great. I don’t eat veg much but am slightly confused as what to eat. I love that yoghurt you have, but was warned against it.. Is perfect keto the way??

  12. Agree, check your boobs annually 👍😎 Mestemacher is also available in uk , unfortunately it’s too heavy for my stomach… How much do you like lamb? I guess it’s not that popular in CH.

  13. What did you eat in a day before you started doing commercials for all your sponsors Cinemark not everyone can afford a $45 jar of 2 oz of electrolytes which are nothing salt potassium and magnesium. I used to watch you before you became a commercial he actually showed what you ate in a day

  14. Not seeing where to get info on the plan. I’m almost at my goal but need info on maintaining. Can you tell me the weekly cost?

  15. Thank you for the discount code! Ordered my favorite unflavored collagen. I’m having issues with veggies as well. Tummy upset with green leafy veggies.

  16. I don’t understand why you don’t consider a higher protein version of Keto…Keto? Yes, there is a high fat version (for folks with epilepsy that helps manage seizures) and the higher fat version used for induction (which can be used to help transition to Keto for the first few weeks) and some people use it longer, but there has always been a higher protein version, as well, that many use & advocate. Phinney, Maria & Craig Emmerich, and many others in the Keto community have talked about it for years.

    Maria & Craig also advocate using PSMF for 1-3 x/week to break stalls or improve weight loss results and they have two wonderful e cookbooks with some very yummy recipes that make eating lower fat lean protein quite delicious & satiating. They recommend that you prioritize priority and consider protein a goal you want to hit EVERY day, low carbs are a limit (10-20 total carbs for most people or lower), and fat is a lever that you adjust up & down depending on your goals and once you hit maintenence until you find your happy place, They also have a free online calculator so you can calculate your macros. And throughout protein stays high and is even higher on PSMF days. Plus you can go higher on protein as long as you stay within your calorie range (as determined by your goals).

    If what you are saying is that a lot of people get stuck doing the higher fat version of Keto and stay there…with their fatty coffees, fat bombs, etc., … I get it. Or they do Carnivore & gain weight because they are consistently eating too much fat…plus there are all of the new fangled Keto labeled processed foods and more new products coming out almost every day that are also an issue for many. Many Keto label products and recipes aren’t actually Keto…period. Eating them will bite you in the butt.

  17. Hi, followed you over time and it’s just wonderful to see you thriving Question, is exercise/fitness apart of your personal Protocol?

  18. its nothing …a bit uncomfortable i had a lot of mammograms….in the event there was a lump dont panic i had that..and 3 day in hospital they removed it and it was nothing ..i only aged a few years because of it…haha

  19. I didn’t see any leafy greens or other non starchy veggies. Do you avoid all greens? Aren’t they necessary? They are providing vitamin C and prevent constipation.

  20. Hi I’ve just joined the program but I’m a bit concerned… I’m a vegetarian!! I will eat fish at a push and do enjoy it but would rather not. I do hope you can help me.

  21. 🤣😂I LOVE how your catty is involved in the groceries!🤣💜I miss my fur babies!I have ALWAYS loved cats but it took getting my husband a husky to confirm I am 1000% a cat person😂God bless!I am new to your videos and excited to see if you can help me!

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