Ranking the BEST & WORST Skin Care Brands

Ranking the BEST & WORST Skin Care Brands


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@James Charles Rating Scandalous Moments In My Career: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXCsiUnSLgQ

@LaurDIY Ranking Questionable Moments in My Career: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZEc7C2_aEo

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  1. GEOLOGIE: Open your eyes when ordering the TRIAL. When you buy the TRIAL, you automatically take the 90 day subscription. That costs you 135 USD every 3 months. Service is bad. No return for international shipping. Service is nothing but lip service. Disappointing.

  2. Please do a truth video about Beauty Society, their amazing skincare/products line and their amazing company! I’m an advisor for them and I am obsessed with their products, but I would love an unbiased review and truth video from you!!! Thanks!!!🙌🏼🗣

  3. Hi Hyram
    Do you think that you can review some European brands? I think there are many Europeans watching and we’d love your thoughts on Bioderma (French), Revolution (UK – basically a copy of The Ordinary, Avene (French) etc. We would love your opinion on our own more reachable brands on our market. Thank you!! Sending <3 to you from Czech Republic

  4. I’d like to hear more about professional brands, I was surprised you didn’t include Dermalogica at least since you can even get that at Ulta

  5. So I am 27 years old and I’ve had acne since literally the first grade. Proactive worked for a bit and then it just…quit working? I have EXTREMELY oily skin and large pores and on a whim ordered curology and it was one of the best decisions of my life. It’s a personalized formula and the ingredients are not something you find in drug store products. I am one of those people you talked about who do not like to do research on my products so I didn’t even know that these ingredients existed. It really has been transformative for me. And I’m so glad to see that you like it. My only complaint is that I can’t buy 20 bottles of the cleanser at 1 time.

  6. Γεια σου!!!!!
    I come from Grecce!
    I use Version creams!what about this brand??????e.g it has vitamin c 35%!
    Please I would like to hear your opinion!!!love love love from Greece!!!!!!!!

  7. Dr. Dray is a dermatologist on YouTube and she knows skincare. This guy doesn’t seem to know anything more than how he likes something or not.

  8. i love Lush for the body, mostly for the relaxing side of it lol, and the hair products seem interesting but obvs not the face lol.

  9. The irony: Origins aren’t even cruelty free, lots of their products are full of microplastic and they belong to Estée Lauder….So, yeah…Idk what are they doing for the environment exactly but it ain’t much…
    And pls don’t feel bad about Lush. I’ve worked for them for 2.5 years. They are terrible. Minimum wage, no benefits, horrible company structure and it was like a cult. We were under immense pressure to sell more products and during training they never answered questions about the ingredients (they have SLS and fragrance in EVERYTHING), they just told us what to say to the customers who are asking about it and try to sell the product anyway.
    Since products are fresh, they had to be thrown in the trash after they had an expired shelf life. We were not allowed to take them home even if they were still good. Really, truly shitty company.

  10. What about Farmacy, Glow Recipe, 100% Pure and Drunk Elephant?? I was waiting for those, am 48 and considering a line of skincare. And thanks for being scandalous! I hate when people will never say the truth or bad things when warranted! Maybe I’m some sort of trash know-nothing, but I love my Mario Badescu face sprays, LOL

  11. HAPPY FRIKKIN NEW YEARS Y’ALL 💗 i’m so dang grateful for all of you and the community we’ve created. Cheers to 2021!

  12. Just discovered your channel and I think you are absolutely hilarious and a pleasure to watch and informative to boot thank you so much for putting together such great videos and just being yourself!

  13. I need help I know this is a very old
    Video ! But the only thing that works on my skin is clean & clear does anyone know something that’s like it but with better ingredients

  14. Wow he talked too much… he make me confused with product… so guess what I did… I skip whole video to end… then snap my phone screen where all the products on his good to bad chart.. I got all answer under 1 sec…

  15. i had the lush angels on bare skin face paste thing that’s clay gave me a face rash until i saw the expiration date and i used it after the date oof, i did use the ocean salt one and found it doesn’t expire quickly

  16. My heart breaks when he comes after Lush! 😂🤪 I love lush but I go to them for an aromatherapy experience and can understand those who are anti fragrances not liking them.

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