Resistance Band Workout for Beginners [A 10 Minute Workout with Marin]

Resistance Band Workout for Beginners [A 10 Minute Workout with Marin]

Just got your Fit Simplify resistance loop bands? Take them out of the package and try this resistance band workout for beginners by Marin.

This 2 circuit workout will help you tone both your arms and legs and it is an easy, resistance band beginner workout for all skill levels.

All you need are your loop bands (aka booty bands, mini bands) and 10 minutes of time. Incorporate this into your weekly workout routine to see some great results.

Here are the resistance band exercises that Marin goes over in this video.

Resistance Band for Beginners Workout [Circuit 1]:
1) Isometric arm lifts
2) Overhead band pulls
3) Lower band pulls
4) Middle band pulls
5) Jumping jacks

Resistance Band for Beginners Workout [Circuit 2]:
1) Seated clamshells
2) Seated leg extensions
3) Sit stands

Try these resistance band exercises today, and let us know how this 10-minute workout works for you in the comments!

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  1. Thank you kind lady😊. Had just started working out when the virus hit. Hadn’t worked out for at least 10 years. So happy to find a "beginners" work out that wasn’t a joke or so difficult you quit from just viewing the intro🤣!

  2. I came right to the comments as soon as she started randomly blowing air. I’m surprised I’m the only one mentioning this. Why are her exhales so exaggerated?! Especially for such low impact workouts! At least in the beginning. It actually makes me not wanna do this video because It’s driving me nuts. I’ve watched endless exercise videos and never have I seen anyone blow air out like she does lol

  3. Great video. Easy to follow and instructions are spoken clearly. The exercise are very useful. For those who pressed thumb down, go to other video that fit your needs

  4. *_Nice size, easy to use and has great range of resistance _**_bestgym.equipment_**_ but are a little on the short side for a 6 foot guy. Have only worked with the two lowest resistance bands but feel that I’m getting a good workout for me. Would be nice if there was a grip available to stop the band from cutting into my palm._*

  5. I just found a set of three resistance bands at the dollar spot at Target for $5! They are great too!

  6. Fan-frikkin tastic video! She is a thorough and knowledgeable instructor who gives solid, doable exercises for beginners while still feeling results in a safe way.

  7. Talks about full range of motion but the important resistance excercise only does maybe 10%. This will shorten your muscles!

  8. Finally something for a 62 year old with some leg issues (well not the jumping jacks part LOL).. These bands are amazing and you can choose which ones suit your exercise. Thank you.

  9. How to diversify the week? I present you 10 ways-

  10. 73 yrs . Only did the circuitc1 time to start. Haven’t excersise for awhile so getting back into it without to much pain. Will increase every 2 days. Good workout

  11. Thank you so much for this! I really need to get into shape and got the bands advised to me- you are great!

  12. Yes, feeling young and electric, is just among the many side effects of slimming down. Hey, it doesn’t matter if you choose t go with Jenessa Venspurke’s Flat Belly Tonic Guide (that can be used to get to your ideal weight within just eight weeks) or any other kind of surgical procedure, the freedom may well be worth it by itself.

  13. this workout is great, recovering injury and l can do this ! when you finish reps of 3 each section you feel like you have had a good workout. thanks

  14. who is working from home during Covid (going on a year now) and doing this at their desk?
    My arms are already on fire 😬

  15. I love these exercises. But I never knew these bands gave you such a fab workout 💪 👌 👏 thank you … 🥰🥰

  16. Wonderful for a total beginner like me. Clear, concise and easy to follow. My lower back opened up without any sense of pushing myself to do the work.

  17. I really enjoyed this video couldn’t complete second half no chair & did not know bands don’t work well on leggings

  18. I love these resistance bands and always give them to all my patients! They are great for arthritis pain relief!

  19. Is it normal that I do not have the strength to move that band more than one inch ?? I feel like I am dying but I could not do more than that

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