Standing Exercises for Older Adults

Standing Exercises for Older Adults

As we age, physical activity helps us attain our goals, maintain our functioning and promote comfort. In addition, routine exercise can help reduce arthritis pain, improve mood, sleep and blood sugar control, as well as affect memory.

This video includes both balance and strengthening exercises, which can prevent falls and hip fractures. This video is appropriate for those older adults who can stand with minimal support.

Learn more about these exercises and download exercise instructions at


  1. Thank you.for your leg exercises as it helps my sciatica If you have any more exercises for sciatica please download

  2. I enjoyed watching your video! My friend, Ela, and I started a channel called "The Merri Ella Show". If you can help us and put a good word for us, I appreciate it.

  3. Good exercise for seniors like me 72 yrs old sometimes have pain my knee and joint in my feet . Ill try this every moning. ..thanks for sharing this vidio

  4. note that on the hip abduction (lift the leg to the side) the leg should not pull forward or backward, but should remain parallel with the body.

  5. note that in the upper back exercise the arms should be at right angles to the body, and parallel with the floor.

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  7. I did the other sitting down exercises and for some reason I lost the sound so I’ll come back later if I get it back

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  9. Nice, helpful video – thank you for sharing. However, on the last stretch, watch the video as there is not verbal clue as to the time passed until the next video. I had my eyes closed, focussed on breathing (trying to straighten a painful left knee / leg) when the next video started (LOL)!

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