Stationary Bike Workout for Beginners | 20 Minute

Stationary Bike Workout for Beginners | 20 Minute

This ride is all about the saddle! If you’re a beginner or just got a stationary bike or exercise bike, this 20 minute beginner stationary bike workout is for YOU!

I’m so glad you decided to join my stationary bike workout today, let’s go for a ride! Grab your water bottle, grab your towel, get on your bike and let’s get these pedals spinning! – Kaleigh Cohen Fitness

0:00 – 1:12 Welcome!
1:13 – 4:14 Warm Up | Come Together by Spirit City
4:15 – 7:06 Rolling Hills | Summer Night by Daxten
7:07 – 10:34 Endurance | American Gothic by IRONTOM
10:35 – 13:16 Climbs | Bring the Heat by Bagsy
13:17 – 16:44 Sprints | Out on the Roof by Lvly
16:45 – 20:07 Cool Down | Red by Beagan James

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🚴‍♀‍ If you are doing this on a stationary bike or exercise bike instead of a spin bike and cannot go into the standing positions (2nd and 3rd) and would like an added challenge during these, TRY THIS:
2nd position: increase your speed! Try anywhere between 5-15 RPMs.
3rd position: increase your resistance here but try and keep the same cadence.

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💁🏼‍♀‍ Hello! I’m Kaleigh! I attended my first Spinning class when I was 15. Since then I’ve been addicted to spin classes and indoor cycling workouts. Now, as a certified Spin class Instructor and certified fitness trainer, my goal is to provide you with fun, motivating, and energizing cycling and strength workouts that motivate you to be YOUR BEST YOU! This is cycling motivation! Thanks for cycling with me!

🔴 DISCLAIMER 🔴 When beginning any fitness workout or regimen, it is important to consult your physician to ensure this program is right for you. Do not start this program if your health care provider advises otherwise. Any exercises or information on this channel, through videos or comments, is to be used at your own risk. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness will not be responsible or liable for harm, damage, or injury as a result of any information provided.

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  1. First time doing the beginner workout, and first time on a spinclass ever.
    Gosh its hard, but damnnn thank you for making me feelll good! Loving it. Loving your vibe.

  2. Have a Schwinn spin bike-best thing I have ever bought-this workout is great for 4th day spin workout-love the class and dessert 🍨 lol

  3. Hi! I’m on a spin bike and my Stella, black cat, sits with me when I workout! Your sweet girl is so cute. Love the little talk bubbles. Makes me laugh when I see them

  4. Hey Kaleigh! I was wondering if you’d ever consider doing a beginners workout from the side so we can see the different positions better? I’m really new to this and I think it would help. 🙏🏼💓

  5. Just bought an Ultrasport upright bike. Oh my goodness. I see a transformation starting and only on day 3. Happy !!!

  6. This is better than many of the the peloton instructors I use. No irritating ‘your a brave inner spirit’, ‘breath in the success, breath out the failure’ nonsense . Just great focus on form and intervals with good music.

  7. Thank you for your motivation to keep me on my spin bike for more than 20 minutes! Good workout & I am looking forward to your other videos!

  8. Found this video couple days ago. Using a stationary bike to get ready to ride my road, back outside. Been a minute. Yikes.

  9. I perform better to music I am familiar with especially as I try to increase my duration. Any suggestions how to use your video against songs I know? Thank You 😊

  10. Hi! I just got a Schwinn indoor bike and I’m wondering if 10 would be considered level 1 and then 20 level two etc etc ? I’m loving your rides !!

  11. Just got a new to me (used) recumbent bike. Had one a year but it broke. I’ve been on a weightloss journey and trying to improve my fitness a bit but have degenerative hip dysplasia, so am limited to what I can do due to the limited range of motion in my hips. I’ve lost 75# so far but it’s taken me 15 months. Had some setbacks but I’m not giving up! Just wanna keep at some sort of physical activity to help me through my weightloss journey and keep forward progress going.

  12. Thank you for these awesome beginner videos and your amazing attitude! The form reminders are so helpful for us newbies and the encouraging/realistic words are so needed 🙌 You rock!!

  13. Thanks KC! Back into biking for the winter now and you popped up first. Just got a low tech Sunny. Looking forward to sweeting during the cold months.

  14. I just bought an indoor spinning bike, Yesoul M1 and my first time following your 20 minutes cycling exercise. I managed to follow to the end. I’m 65 years old. Thanks for your video.

  15. What type of indoor bike are you on? A stationary bike, recumbent bike, upright bike, or spin bike? Let me know in the comments!

  16. Thanks for the video. Trying to get a good exercise bike for my elder relative that wants one. I see that there is a forward lean on the body position, does the bike allow for a more upright comfortable riding position? Thank you

  17. I’m on a road bike on a trainer. I’ve been out for awhile. Feels like I’m starting over. I had swelling in my knee. I had to have fluid drained from my knee and this was my first workout on my trainer in months.

  18. Been following this video all week already and it’s getting easier as the days go on and I can already can feel a difference thankyou for making this video it has already helped me loads. 🙂 and I’m on a spin bike ☺️

  19. I sincerely appreciate when you call out form. When you say “chest up” it gives me a chance to be conscious about my bad form lol.

  20. Thanks, Kaleigh. I’ve had my spin bike for months but I didn’t really use it until a couple of days ago with this workout.

  21. thank you soooo much your and Stella have really go me though my first proper bike workout. it was amazing im knackered but I feel amazing, so thank you so much. subscribed and will be back.

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