Stress, Portrait of a Killer – Full Documentary (2008)

Stress, Portrait of a Killer – Full Documentary (2008)

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  1. im in ninth grade having to watch this for health class and the notesheet doesnt really line up with the video and its very stressful

  2. What that one civil servant worker said says a lot, “I control my work, so I can keep on giving/going.” (I’m paraphrasing) But most employees don’t care what happens to us bc they have a frame of mind that we’re all replaceable.

  3. I had to watch this for an assignment, but it turned out to be very insightful and quite interesting. I’m glad I invested an hour of my life watching this. I needed it.

  4. everyone in the comments talking about being assigned this and i got assigned it by my yoga program lol

  5. A golden tip to all those coming for assignments, click the three dots beside the SAVE button, open the transcript, press contro+F and search the keywords, You will find the exact sentence you are looking your answer in.

    Thank me Later.

  6. shouldn’t the baboons that were alpha males survived because there immune systems were stronger because they were not affected by stress? I thought that those in the lower hierarchy would be more susceptible to disease because they are in chronic stress.

  7. Please Ive watched this video 3 times, and I keep missing this. PLEASE DOES ANYONE KNOW "what are the key physiological pathways of stress response" pleaseee or just tell me where in the video I can go back. This is due today like please

  8. My professor assigned this video to the class, its 2021, I see comments from 6-7 yrs ago…

  9. Am I the only one here, not because of a professor or school? But simply because I find this fascinating?

  10. For those doing an assignment on this, click the 3 dots above subscribe and open transcript. Then click the 3 dots in the top right corner of your computer or ctrl + f or find your "search/find on page" and type in key words for your question. Thank me later 😉

  11. As someone who grew up in East Africa myself I agree with Dr sapoksky. I am more extroverted and have a different metabolism and voice every time I go back from time to time.

  12. Currently watching this right now while writing out my essay on what I understood on stress for pysc class and I’m stressing myself I won’t get the 400 words before 11:59!

  13. For all the college students, if you click on the three dots on the bottom of the video and click “open transcript”, you can get a written version of the video. It has time stamps so you can scroll down to find the answers to whatever questions you need. This saved me from watching all 55 minutes of the video. Hope this helps!

  14. Ten years on since this documentary, all research points to the worsening human mental conditions and state of the world. I don’t think there will be a new earth in foreseeable future with beings that care much for each other.

  15. 1. What hormones in the body can we measure to determine level of stress?

    2. What are some physiological responses to acute stress (i.e. the fight or flight response)?

    3. When a person or animal experiences the fight or flight response, what allows for the return to homeostasis?

    4. In people, what is different today regarding stress and the stress response, as compared to times when we were hunter-gatherers?

    5. What kind of physiological damage can happen to the body as a result of constant stress?

    6. Explain acute verses chronic stress, give an example of each and explain which is more likely to be detrimental to health and why.

    7. Explain how stress levels are dependent on the social hierarchy.

    8. What physical symptoms do individuals with high chronic stress have?

    9. What causes ulcers? How are ulcers affected by stress?

    10. Explain how chronic stress can affect heart and arterial health.

    11. How does chronic stress affect brain health?

    12. How does stress affect pleasure?

    13. Give a summary of how stress hormones act in the body – good and bad.

    14. Explain how stress can affect our genetic structures and how chromosomes can be affected by stress. Is this reversible? If so how?

    15. How does the absence of chronic stress affect society and the health of the individuals in that society?

    extra credit for Clinical Apps of Exercise Physiology.

  16. This is for my Intro to Psych Class – is there a coles notes of the documentary? lol

  17. If you know you are stressed or wondering how much of an effect stress has on your body soul and mind then stop what you are doing imagine you are not in debt you have the house car family life you always dreamed of be in that moment you havent a care in the world you have everything you need and some of the things you always wanted to achieve deep breath and feel what it feels like to have no worries no anxiety no insecurities you own a house you have money for property taxes you have a car clothes a great relationship with spouse friends relatives and you are not in danger of being one paycheck away from living in a tent or in someones rv or garage or box off the side of the fwy….imagine….first thing i noticed i could breath again my shoulders neck facial muscles relaxed my ears stopped ringing my headache began to dissipate and i felt joy….or happiness real happiness a feeling of security well being and at peace within my soul

  18. i lived for two years in a very remote village – where the vast majority had never seen a car or an electric lightbulb. I lived alone for the first 6 months and then i met a guy who moved in w/ me. there was no problem w/ me being gay, but there was a problem when i wasn’t getting sex. because that’s a dangerous stressor in a very remote community. I saw it repeated with another guy who lived in the village too.

  19. That’s a good indication it’s time for vacation. Lol wow this is testing my giglious.

  20. it’s a relatively new thing that we don’t live with life/death stressors on a daily basis.

  21. Stanford has placed a couple of dozen of Sopolsky’s lectures on youtube. Fascinating doesn’t even begin to describe them.

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