The 5 BEST Nutrition Books of All Time… and 5 Bad Ones

The 5 BEST Nutrition Books of All Time… and 5 Bad Ones

The 5 BEST Nutrition Books of All Time… and 5 Bad Ones
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  1. Curious if you’ve read “Lifespan” by Dr David Sinclair. His research supports fasting for better heath outcomes and longevity

  2. Fasting, even 18:6 or 12:12, gives the body a break from from the glucose-insulin cycle. I’m not sold on autophagy for fixing loose skin but I’m excited about cell apoptosis & regeneration of healthy cells—esp in the brain.

  3. Matt, I’m surprised you leaned negative on the "Obesity code"………you should invite him to come on your channel

  4. I’ve spent 5 years in the keto/paleo/low carb space, and if I could only recommend one book it would be The P:E Diet, by Dr. Ted Naiman. It won’t give you the keto warm and fuzzy feels, but it will help you understand the basics of nutrition, macronutrients, and metabolism and could potentially save years of sifting through keto misinformation.

  5. Love Gary Taubs. I can listen to him speak forever …but I love Jason fung.. he saved my life literally … and Fung agrees other diets can work ..fasting lowers insulin levels and I’m a type 2 diabetic ..

  6. Thanks, great info, great suggestions. No judgements, just wanted to know, are you saying that your mom doesn’t understand some books? I hate when my kids think I’m an idiot LOL.

  7. Your presentation is extremely helpful to me, thanks! I think a lot of us followers will really appreciate putting a focus on some helpful authors. 👓👓

  8. Intellect but NOT an md… Super Bowl is coming so what happens to my liver if I drink with mashed potatoes (college trick), trick with keto snacks, drink with vegan delight? I dare u ; } keep it up, the Universe will reward the brave by throwing u a few really hard curve balls to see what u r made of….

  9. Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve downloaded Primal Body-Primal Mind and I’m looking forward to reading it. I don’t necessarily agree with your take on the intermittent fasting ideas of Dr. Jason Fung as my personal experience was that, on Keto with the same calories, I had increased visceral fat loss and lower blood sugar numbers with 16/8 vs 12/12.

  10. Nourishing Traditions turned me on to sprouted grains and lacto-fermented vegetables. It’s worked well for my family’s health. Love from Ann Arbor Michigan:)

  11. Nice set up, Matt. Looking very professional. Tks for this and all you do. Very informative. You and Diet Doctor are my best go to Guys for everything Keto. Going on five years and feeling great 👍💕

  12. Hi, Matt Megha, miss you guys ! But glad your determined to push through your & family depends on.. , been watching an praising KC for Over 5 years. I’m happy there’s a light
    Shining on Megha. HangTuff! KC Family an Staff I’m Very Grateful. Thanks again…

  13. Loved the video and hearing your thoughts and opinions on these books. I’ve read all of these and pretty much agree on all aspects!

  14. You shouldn’t blow Dr. Fung off like that. He is a nephrologist treating diabetics with end stage renal disease who can improve their disease by fasting and losing weight. He’s saving lives.

  15. I am not a big fan of fasting. Done and its not sustainably for me. I like eating and have been very successful eating keto and doing total carbs so makes me eat closer to the proper human diet I think.

  16. Wondering if the keto diet affected your hair no disrespect. Or is it genetics? Think your great. Watching your older videos your hair was more full and wondering if your diet had something to do with it.

  17. Mostly agree but Jason Fung’s books are very helpful in understanding how the body really deals with nutrition. Fasting works because you increase the periods of low insulin not just calorie restriction.

  18. Great info, green screen background looks great but if you could widen your camera window because your hands kept disappeariing but otherwise looks great.

  19. Been fasting almost 8 years, way before I found Dr. Fung. Autophagy is good for people. Dr. Fung says we eat too often, too much snacking, we eat in front of our computer, in the car, and watching TV. Restaurants serve huge portions. No wonder we are a fat nation.

  20. Love your cookbooks. I have both of them and they have helped me immensely. I’ve been following you for 4 years. Your studio and background look great! ❤ 🤗

  21. Good recommendations! I’ll have to read some of these. What books would you recommend for baby nutrition? We wanted to try baby led weaning in the next 2 months and would love to know how you guys baby led Theo and how you are planning to do Felix next. Theo seems like a great eater and healthy. All the recommendations I get from people are rice cereal and purée veggies.

  22. I wish I’d seen the worst books list before I wasted so much money in the past couple of years.  
    I had all the same reasons as you, for what I didn’t like about the books!
    I’d bought them all & can only say that whoever got them from the thrift store for a buck might be happy with them
    If you have a 10 best/worst Keto cookbooks, I’d like to see it. I’ll do a search to see if you’ve already got that video out.
    Thanks, Matt.

  23. Twenty or so years ago, I read a book called _Fit for Life_ by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond; I think that that’s their names. They promoted consuming fruit BIG TIME. That was their main shtick. Now, I know better.

  24. Couldn’t agree more on Dave Asprey books. For keto vets they are worth reading for helpful tips you may not have heard before but I wouldn’t recommend to a newbie who may go out and buy all the Bulletproof brand products.

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