The BEST smartwatches and fitness trackers of 2020

The BEST smartwatches and fitness trackers of 2020

These devices will keep tabs on your health and help keep you in shape no matter what your budget.

You can buy the items featured in the video here:
FitBit Versa 3 (0:27):
Apple Watch SE (2:07):
Galaxy Watch Acive 2 (3:14):
Amazfit Bip S (4:04):
FitBit Charge 4 (5:05):
FitBit Inspire 2 (5:45):
Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (6:01):
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  1. I bought Apple Watch SE for almost 500 dollars (36999) RS, apple in India is selling its products at a very high price in compare to the products sold in USA

  2. When it comes to any and all fitness trackers/watches. The one common theme is the amount of exercises that are available. Why would someone want more than 20, which I think is about the standard amount of exercise options. From so many comments on sellers sights of any watches lasting a year at best. Is this the reality of fitness trackers and smart watches?

  3. I have the Charge 4 and its great! It has great features all while l being super light and sleek looking.

  4. I still love my Garmin Instinct, so simple, so useful, so durable. My second favourite is my Samsung Active 2.

  5. have galaxy gear watch and xiaomi 5 nfc version with better sleep recording. Well differences are huge, galaxy watch does way better… jsut maybe someone will get this info useful

  6. I bought an apple watch series 6 and my region wasn’t get supported for ECG and Blood Oxygen.
    -sobbing in painful-

  7. I am not a doctor or anything but why would i need sleep tracking or o2 intake. What can i even take away from that info

  8. Not sure if anyone cares but If budget is what you are looking for check out watchplaystore, cheap and full of functions you’d want on a smartwatch.

  9. Looking for a new smartwatch this 2021. I am surprised to see the Mi Band 4 here, as I bought mine more than a year ago a d been using it daily as a healthcare professional. Needless to say, I have used it way past its value! Very cheap and does the essentials. Though as you expect, you get less features but hey for $50 aud what do you really expect.

  10. Amazfit is trash. I got it and my heart rate is at rest 190 and while working out not detected so f me right?

  11. Surpirsed to see the Xiaomi mi band 4 there…Have had it for over a year and still get 20 days battery life. Paired with a nice stainless steel band and its the best value!

  12. Now with the mi band 6, I think it is much better than all the fitbits in this list. It comes with about 30 sports, an amazing looking screen for 50 dollars

  13. As you shown in the video does this all watches which support spo2 are having real reading or programed value

  14. I have some fitness watch for my friends,but i don’t have any.I want to make some line friends!

  15. I have the Apple Watch se and I love it honestly great quality and I can do everything with it I don’t really care about always on display so Apple Watch se is great for calls text messages and just whole communication thing I usually use my watch when I’m driving for everything I just hope they update it soon I like to have watch face that can fit over 10 or 20 apps shortcuts in it I have to have few watch faces to fit everything I need I wish there was one that I can fit everything in it

  16. You should edit the title as the best average consumer smartwatches.

    Or delete the whole video and make a new one including Garmin watches as they are the king of fitness trackers.

  17. So here’s the thing. How many of these brands actually have highly experienced biotech engineers directly involved in the RnD, their testing and validation?
    How many are endorsed and admissible in serous heart health analysis. I am skeptical when just an electrical engineer or software programmer is just behind it. This entire industry is more gimmick and fooling you then anything else.

  18. The Apple Watch is featured as a fitness tracker , but no Garmin Watches at all? This video just lost all credibility on that point alone.

  19. My Active 2 died yesterday, after 8 months. Samsung was absolutely useless, and tried to tell me it’s not waterproof – how are you supposed to swim then? They’ve also been reducing app compatibility, eliminating some apps and features altogether, and it took a over a year to activate ECG. Why don’t reviewers address these issues – seen on numerous message boards? This is just a piece of garbage, do not buy.

  20. Vane : what about polar and garmin?
    Fitness trackers.

    What makes a watch smart? All watches give you message alert. Thats what everyone cares. Am I wrong?

  21. 0:27 Fitbit Versa 3
    2:07 Apple Watch SE
    3:14 Galaxy Watch Active 2
    4:04 AmazFit BIP S
    5:05 FitBit Charge 4
    6:01 Xiaomi Mi Band 4

  22. Fitbit stops working in 2 years after warranty is over. They immediately send you discount code to buy next watch with pressure to use it in 1 month. Nice business model, throw the watch after battery problems.

  23. What about the most accurate heart rate and calories burn data watch? I know that the better option for taking those two things would be a chest strap but which watch would give close readings as a chest strap?

  24. I hate Fitbit. Mine always malfunction no matter how well I take care of them. I just want a watch that will track my steps. I don’t need it to do anything fancy.

  25. I loved the low expectations thing, it’s funny realistic and good-hearted, well done, great video overall.

  26. Hi, can you recommend / do you know of a smart band that takes continuous heart rate reading and that give you a buzz or alerts you at predeterminate times? Something perhaps that you can program the alarm yourself to alert you when the heart rate rises above a certain threshold? Thanks!!!

  27. I mean i’m still rocking my galaxy watch with 4 day battery and that spinning bezel soooo……….

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