The Healthiest Things To Order At Chick-fil-A (According To Health Experts)

The Healthiest Things To Order At Chick-fil-A (According To Health Experts)

This is by far is the healthiest meal to order at any Chick Fil A. Healthy Fit Food is on every menu. Even at your favorite fast food restaurants. Today we drive by, literally, drive through this popular chain. With thousands of locations nationwide and their delicious chicken sandwiches its no wonder why its an American favorite.



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  1. Be carful with honey at anyplace tho being from New Mexico they have a thing they call “honey” served with sopapillas and its really syrup 😱 always check for the 100% honey

  2. For me it’s either grilled nuggets or the grilled chicken sandwich with a fruit cup and a Diet Coke, and to top off the grilled nuggets, drizzle them with hot sauce! 😍

  3. Grilled Nuggets, small fries. Then at home I combine it with my own homemade salad or vegetable cup and some yogurt or fruit. Can finish with around 600-700 calories and over 50 grams of protein in 1 meal.

  4. Grilled nuggets 140 cal, 25g protein, grilled chicken sandwich 310 cal, 29g protein. Honey mustard 45 cal, fruit cup 50 cal and water. So roughly 545 cal and 56g of protein.

  5. I am, going to be honest if I was going to chic fit a on track before watching the video I would get the Chic fil a grilled sandwhich remove the bun instead of fries I would get kale chips and for a drink some water

  6. I always get the 12 piece grilled chicken nuggets (210 cal) with Texas Pete hot sauce (0 cal) with water.

  7. The music that hits at about 4 and a half minutes is way too loud. Would consider matching it with your voice volume 🤙

  8. Question though, my dad has chickens and when it’s time to kill the kills them by hitting them in the neck with a long stick and then afterwards he cuts their throughouts, is the way he does it bad for the animals ?

  9. Maybe not sound like such a pretentious high and mighty elitist……and then everything would be great. Other than that, the information given was valid.

  10. Cobb Salad w/Grilled nuggets. Light balsamic vinaigrette. 400 calories total, 34g protein, 18g fat, 26g carbs. The only down side is the sodium at over 1100mg, but that’s anywhere you eat out at. Of course a water with lemon to go with. That’s my lunch order prob 3 times a week. $7.99. Download the app, get points and free stuff as you go.

  11. Loving this "worst case scenarios" series, because its my norm, (traveling out of town once or twice a week) Just had grilled nuggets and super food salad for dinner and definitely feel much lighter and cleaner today than my usual out of town dinner. I usually eat once a day and this dinner left me feeling quite hungry so i stopped by gas station and picked up some Kind bars to finish me off! Thanks for all the tips! Theyre lifesavers!

  12. Yes I was never officially vegan but growing up all we ever ate was vegetables and fruit just because the meat and other things like that were so expensive for us

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