The Nutrition Prescription for Healthier Kids | Jill Castle | TEDxDanbury

The Nutrition Prescription for Healthier Kids | Jill Castle | TEDxDanbury

One of our nation’s leading Childhood Nutrition Experts, Registered Dietitian Jill Castle explains the misconceptions people have about feeding their children and how to integrate a more comprehensive Nutrition Education Program into our food culture.
One of our nation’s top childhood nutrition experts, with over 26 years as a pediatric nutritionist, Jill Castle is frequently called upon as a speaker, consultant and blogger to educate, inspire and transform the way parents and healthcare professionals nourish and nurture children. Jill is also the author of Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete and co-author of Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. I agree that parents need much more education in this arena. And children need educated as well so they learn WHY they need to learn good habits. But the speaker HAD the education and still had a child who wasn’t thriving. I wish she had circled back to why that occurred and what she had done to resolve it. With her proposed solution, she still would have had an underweight, anemic child. 🤷‍♀️

  2. I´ve been following this lady since 2016 and she is amazing. She doesn´t force unshakeable "laws" about nutrition and feeding children . and adolescents. She is open- minded, sharp and aware. I love her work. She gives flexible and practical ways of dealing with this issue. She also has an incredible podcast "The Nourished Child Podcast". Look it up.

  3. Jill makes us think! If only …pediatricians referred their new parents to a pediatric registered dietitian nutritionist — how much can be learned to nourish their child while lowering stress and anxiety over feeding!

  4. "How a child is fed is just as important as what a child eats". – Jill Castle paediatric dietician and speaker shares openly and vulnerably of her turning point as a mom and dietician, and gives three key tips to nourishing your child. Thanks for helping us mom’s not feel alone. And I sure wish I had this information when my kids were babies.

  5. Jill knows first hand about the challenges parents face feeding kids, because she’s a mom herself. Her advice is practical, realistic, and science-based. Yes, it’s important to feed kids lots of fruits and vegetables, and yes, good nutrition is incredibly important. But the "how-tos" of feeding plays a vitally important role too. This TEDx talk is top notch, and I hope every parents tunes in!

  6. Biggest takeaway: Imagining a world where all pediatrician offices provide parents with access to an RD for systematic in depth nutrition education. The dream!

  7. This is the best use of 17 minutes that I can find, listening to Jill Castle talk about feeding kids! It’s so true that we work very hard to teach our children to read and yet may not know how to feed our kids’ developing bodies and minds. I am a Registered Dietitian too, and I have had problems with feeding children as well. We all do. Thank you for sharing this, Jill…

  8. What a great job, Jill! I mean not only you’ve done a great job on this presentation, but also a meaningful job you’ve been doing for years to improve life quality of many many families. I really appreciate it.

  9. Thank you for sharing your wisdom & experience with us Jill! "How is just as important as what" – great message! It’s wonderful to have such impactful women in our field.

  10. Thanks Jill for your insight and clarity. As an Aussie family Dietitian, you just described succinctly the client I see in my own Clinic and the families I engage with in workshops and training. The issues are the same in all developed countries of the world. And I too believe the power is in guiding parents to feed well. Not only rhe what, but the how. Thank you! I will be sharing this link.

  11. Such good advice that will hopefully alleviate a lot of parents’ anxiety about feeding their kids. Jill is a pro!

  12. To say this talk is an eye opener is a vast understatement. Jill’s approach to childhood nutrition not only captured my interest, I found it inspiring. And I don’t even have kids. I will be sharing this video with every parent I know.

  13. Brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed this video. Becoming a mum to two girls with very different eating styles and preferences certainly added an insight into my own work as a paediatric dietitian.

  14. So what happened with her anemic daughter? Did she eventually grow out of her picky eating or is she still anemic? I need a part 2 lol.

  15. Jill Castle understands not just the science of nutrition, but more importantly the art of nourishing children.  This is a reminder to every parent to stop worrying about getting everything "right" and to instead start trusting their instincts.  Great TEDx talk by a great speaker and expert in the field of childhood nutrition!

  16. This is an imperative message to be sharing, Jill. Thank you for being such an incredible voice for nutrition and health in our nation’s future… our kiddos 🙂

  17. I’ve been following Jill for years! She’s a wealth of knowledge and practical approach that works!

  18. A message needed not just by parents but everyone. Children are our future. Jill Castle gets it! She also has a wonderful podcast The Nourished Child – highly recommend.

  19. Jill is a much needed renegade for parents, like me!, who want to "get it all right" with respect to nutrition, and, as a result, are actually trying so hard we are getting way too much wrong. Jill is right – we really do need a new approach to prepare parents to get food right for and with our kids. Love this talk!

  20. Jill is riveting to listen to! Saw her in person and on YT and love her lectures!

  21. An important message for all parents to hear! “How” Parents feed their kids is just as important as the “what” foods they offer. And Jill is right- why is there no formalized training about this for parents?!

  22. Amazing Jill. More proof that you are THE childhood nutrition expert. As my girls continue to grow I will continue to look to you and your work for guidance as to how best raise healthy children! Thank you.

  23. This is such an important message if we are going to improve the health of our children. All parents and parents-to-be should watch this.   Great job Jill!

  24. Such great stuff, Jill! I’m a fellow Registered Dietitian and in the thick of feeding my littles, so great to hear this. Thank you!

  25. I really enjoyed this talk and topic. I have a toddler and newborn and all of these things apply to me right now. As a dietitian I also felt similar about breastfeeding. I really struggled in some areas where I felt I should be an expert. Also as much as I love my pediatrician and OB – we never talked about nutrition for me or my baby. No one encouraged me to breastfeed or told me the benefits of it. Of course it wasn’t a big deal TO ME since I am a trained professional but at the same time I thought about how no one else must be getting any guidance and such a critical stage of their life. Also even if you have been through it before with other kids or having an education where you covered this topic it’s something that if you’re not doing every day you tend to forget so it’s important to refresh those topics with each pregnancy. Thanks Jill!

  26. Jill’s methods to convey nutrition information are to educate and inform parents, not scare and confuse. Great talk!

  27. Jill is an amazing pediatric and adolescent nutrition expert. Great information from Jill Castle, as always!

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