The Power Of Workout Logs

The Power Of Workout Logs

Can make a big difference in your training!

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  1. Great video brother I’ve been looking into this for a while but haven’t yet. Thanks for the extra motivation

  2. I did Starting Strength LP for 3 mos and religiously kept logs. I went in and started out skinny nerd with his notebook and was leaving being complimented by gym staff (one of them a war vet) admiring how I was "killing it" and getting jacked. Logs are your friend! In fact, if you’re not keeping them, you’re not truly training.

  3. Love your content! I also log my workouts plus have a private IG for myself to check my technique and see my weaknesses. Its one of the best things I have done for my training!👍

  4. I’ve tried apps but they are tricky to use and sometimes I get distracted with social media or emails. I use this fitness planner > it’s easy to use and helps me stay accountable

  5. Hey Alex! Can I alternate between box squats and free squats on your novice program?
    I love free squats, but I want to get the box squat benefits.
    If yes, which one should I do on which day?

  6. However anybody calculated their "progressive overload", if you don’t track it, you’ll forget, every workout. This was the biggest game changer to adding strength and the video game reference is so true. I don’t play them, as I view they are pointless but this is a real life game, that you can play forever! Love you stuff man!

  7. Since I workout at home I have a word document with my workout. So I just write how many reps I did next to each exercise, only goes back to 1 workout tho.

  8. lmao same day ben pollack releases video saying workout logs are trash and you shouldnt keep one ever, and then destiny releases video preaching workout logs, who do we believe youtubes?

  9. I like how you say motherfucker but yeah I always write how much I workout some random dudes look at me weird but I honestly dont care for them I care for myself how I perform

  10. I kind of always tried to remember my workout. But i tried öogging and it helps. Im honna by a new noteblock and will start logging. Cause ones mind is flawed. And remebering every detail is too much.

  11. That thing that you said about IG, that is exactly what I’m doing right now with YouTube and honestly it’s working great

  12. I have been buying a dated diary at the start of each year and logging in that while filming here and there. I find the dated diary very easy to look back on

  13. It’s weird I never do a lazy workout I leave it all in the gym. But ask me to log and write that beasting I go through and I’m like meh. I’ve no doubt my lifts would improve if I recorded my efforts.

  14. Great video Alpha destiny and also I wanted to ask which one is the better one the Westside power bar from rogue or the Ohio power bar also from rogue .they actually have the Westside one at a higher price

  15. Funny how Ben Pollack released a video yesterday saying why logs are a waste of time xD
    I’ve been logging every workout for years and I also find it funny how few people talk about FitNotes. It’s a great app to log workouts.

  16. I log how much pizza I eat, because I aint no beta bitch trying to eat the same amount of pizza every time!

  17. I write everything. You’re absolutely right. If I got nine on my fourth set, bitch I’m hitting ten next time. When I hit ten, up five pounds and repeat.

  18. I got 62kg x 4 @ 10 about 4 weeks ago on the pin press. Now i can do 5×5 @ 7-8 rather easily. Even if you dont feel like youre making Any progress, workout logs dont Lie.

  19. I started loging after 8 years of training. Always i knew my working sets for compound lifts but never was sure what weight to use for other lifts. It has been a month since i started so lets see what happens

  20. yeah the use of a workout log, has made such a difference in my training its day and night. It’s so good to even track the effects of your recovery and how the other variables outside gym affect your strength in the gym.

  21. One thing I have learned about logging is that I find handwritten logs more fulfilling and motivating than a spreadsheet for example. It becomes much harder to slack or even skip a workout when you log everything. In my experience logging has been more helpful for motivation than anything

  22. Let’s see copedestiny shit on this video bet he can’t BECAUSE THIS IS GOOD ADVICE JUST LIKE ALEXS WHOLE FUCKING CHANNEL

  23. Alex I love Benching and Deadlifting, but hate Squatting, and I am not a competitive lifter. How would you program getting brutally strong at just Bench and Deadlift?

  24. Logged since the beginning, pretty much. Mandatory for making the best gains possible and to remember where you started from and where you are now, with the timelaps.

  25. I use a google doc spreadsheet that I pre-populate with weights, then use my phone to record the reps and take notes in the gym.

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