The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight

The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight

Why working out is great for health, but not for weight loss, explained in five minutes.

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  1. So if you can ignore compensatory behaviors then exercise is an effective tool for weight loss? Isn’t knowing half the battle? If you’re aware that exercise will make you hungry and you’re aware that overeating is detrimental to your goal can’t you make the conscious decision to simply not?

  2. so according to the content, the title of the video should be ” you will not lose weight with exercise if you overeat” but reading the title it looks like the exercise is completely usless

  3. Dude, if I m working out everyday, of course I will not eat a big mac straight away after the gym. I will balance my eating habit and gym by counting macro and micro nutritutions, calories etc. I believe in science for sure and I am an engineer but this video and study is meaningless. ahah yeah, I ran, I am starving now let’s drink 2 litres of mountain drew and a triple whooper expecting to lose weight.

  4. Fastest way too lose weight is starving your self or not eating at all for the most part….
    I know on the internet they say its not the healthiest thing to do or have scientifically way of how it makes you gain weight back.
    But personally I’ve seen people say they just stop eating… No diet no exercise no nothing…..

  5. No matter u want to lose weight or not we have to exercise. It keeps you in fit and increase immune don’t listen this

  6. XI was wondering how much temperature controlled environments affects our weight? Indigenous people would be constantly adjusting and burning calories in their environment. Not most of us in climate controlled rooms

  7. Don’t exercise it doesn’t make you lose weight it makes you more hungry, just starve yourself and you will lose weight trust me worked for me

  8. You can increase your resting metabolism by strengthing training so exercise is really good and helps speed the process of losing weight.

  9. I think a mix of both exercise+cardio with diet+intermittent fasting is the best way to loose weight and build a lean muscular body. Results are visible within 2 weeks.

  10. I knew this at 16 years old because I hated exercise so I never bothered and all I did was watch what I ate. I lost 7kg at 16 and then lost about 9kg when I was 21 once again with 0 exercise. I despise exercise. It hurts everything.

  11. I have kept my diet pretty much the same, three proper meals and two snacks. For the past 3 months I have worked on getting accommodated to the change I made in the 3 proper meals, changed from rice to millets on most days. I am working on changing my diet slowly and steadily. My appetite has gotten better against what it was 3 months back, I wasn’t getting hungry at all. So working out helped me in that sense, it makes me feel active and happy. But yeah, I have just started, still gotta lot to learn and lot more in my journey.

  12. I think some people may misunderstand what they are saying, exercise is a tool in your Arsenal but not the single thing you also need to get your diet and sleep remember calories in vs calories out

  13. as someone who’s struggling to gain weight, i’m here to see what the exact opposite I can do to put on a few pounds.

  14. And how do you increase your BMR? Lift heavy things (weights to failure)! Food is important as well. Eat more protein!

  15. This is all true but they’re seriously undermining the psychological benefit of being active. If you come home from a 5k run or a solid day of lifting at the gym, you don’t want to touch pizza and fries. You subconsciously know it will negate your progress. Exercise is a keystone habit – it puts you into an active go-getter mindset and keeps you away from those vices. I still think starting with exercise is the most important step you can take towards reaching any fitness goals, including weight loss.

  16. I have found physical activity expedited the process exponentially for me. I think it doesn’t matter how much you exercise if you dont reduce the calories you eat but for me doing that and getting in a minimum of 10,000 to 12,000 steps a days changed my life.

  17. I get what they’re trying to do and they are right in many many aspects, but I feel like overweight people this as a way out from doing excercise. Lets not undermine the cardiovascular benefits, mood improvement, and god knows how many other benefits excercising has. The key to loosing weight and having a healthy body and mind is a balanced diet, EXCERCISE, and and organized daily routine.

  18. Exercise increases muscle mass which increases resting metabolic rate which results in weight loss. Exercise works best with balanced diet.

  19. Yeah, for losing weight it’s all about diet. I think for those who want to tone up and build muscle that’s what exercise is for.

  20. Exercise helps me to lose weight when I do intense cardio for extended period. This isn’t because of the calories burned, but I’m not hungry for the rest of the day afterwards! I guess it depends on the person.

  21. A more accurate title would be "Diet, more than exercise, is the key to weight loss." Problem is, that’s not a very clicky title.

  22. lol videos like this dont help.

    i lost so much weight through a change of lifestyle that mainly involved exercise

  23. As you get older it’s important to lose weight. John Goodman and Drew Carry are prime examples of people losing weight as they get older. They probably hired personnel trainers but you get the point. Drew Carry actually cured his type 2 diabetes.

  24. This is dumbest sh** I’ve ever heard. People just want an easy out. There isn’t. It’s hard work. Exercise though. It will only help you.

  25. It explains why I gain weight during training. I actually use it as a reference. If I’m losing weight, it means that I stay indoor for too long.

  26. So if a man of 200 pounds ran for a 1hr a week each for a month he lose 5 pounds at least?
    So let say if a guy of 250 pound walk for about let say 5 or 4 hr that kind like hr for a 2.5 mile 5 days week (plus this guy does some arm or whatever workout at home ) so it kind of like 7 day a week of exercise for a month and that kinda like within 1 or 2 month took a rest and went to check his weight and found out he lose 30/40 pounds still eat regular like junk food and sodas? 🤔

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