The Truth About 5 Health Food Trends | Compilation

The Truth About 5 Health Food Trends | Compilation

We humans love a good health food trend, but sometimes it can be hard to sort out the facts from the fiction. So over the years, we here at SciShow have hit up the research and set the record straight.

Hosted by: Hank Green

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  1. turmeric is just a very good anti inflammatory i eat it raw or cooked but not dried it is quite tasty its like a very strong carrot


  3. Does MSG have any connection to gluten intolerance? I always thought that "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" was down to gluten intolerance.

  4. Just a note on the Turmeric one: Curcumin is a proven medical active ingredient (and is therefore considered a drug and an active substance by the EMA). However to get these health benefits, the curcumin needs to be absorbed into your body, e.g to "destroy" a tumor (which there is scientific evidence for) it needs to reach the tumor site in high concentrations. This is the problem with eating turmeric, the curcumin in it does not get absorbed into your body, it comes inn just the way it goes out! So unless the tumor is in your digestive tract and you ate a literal ton of turmeric, I don’t think it’s gonna do anything. As for the other benefits, the same applies, and you can’t just inject curucmin into the blood as that would kill you. So yeah, turmeric can be good for you, just not in the way it claims to, AKA though eating it.

  5. circumin in turmeric is what makes it healthy. you need to combine with pepper for its antinflammatory effects

  6. "Racism" was at the root of "chinese restaurant syndrome" nomenclature??? Was the person who COINED the term racist? I noticed you DIDN’T mention said coiner. That is PROBABLY because mentioning his name would destroy your idiotic conclusion. The person who coined the term and used it as the name for his observation was Dr. Robert Ho Man Kwok. So was Dr Ho Man Kwok a RACIST against Chinese cuisine??? How does one commit RACISM against a gawddamned CUISINE?!??!

  7. My Japanese grandma has been putting Ajinomoto in everything she’s ever cooked and she’s the best cook I’ve ever met

  8. I bought a box of turmeric pills from Costco… turns out you also sweat the excess turmeric out. It ruined a lot of white clothing until I realized.. 🙄

  9. For a drug like curcumin that doesn’t actually treat any condition, how can you possibly design double blind randomized trials… It’s too much to ask for

  10. Nothing wrong with MSG? Tell that to my husband’s rotten ass every time he eats it (even in trace amounts), and my migraines.

  11. Huh, i drink alkaline water, but i had a different understanding. Acidic drinks make you sweat and urinate more, and it tends to make you feel thirsty, not hydrated. But you retain the alkaline water better, at least it feels/tastes more hydrating.

  12. If rat cures fail in humans then human cures could fail in rats. So if we’re testing them on rats, we won’t ever know if some of them would have been good for people

  13. The effects of a better antioxidant diet may also be corollary. People who can afford a better diet can also afford better medical care. Just a thought.

  14. THANK YOU for talking about the racism associated with MSG aversion! I’ve been saying that for years. There are some people who claim to be so sensitive to MSG that they can’t possibly eat Chinese food, but will happily eat a bag of Doritos.

  15. 3:18 Using animals as a proxy in medical research is the most humane and ethical way to do the research. Animals are used where animal-free methods fall short, and also to limit the amount of experimentation on humans to a minimum (clinical trials). Some people falsely claim animal experimentation could be replaced completely by other methods. That’s mostly animal rights activists blatantly lying in order to collect donations. Animal-free methods are great and they are continuously developed – but they can not replace a whole organism. Please don’t spread the idea that rats weren’t good animal models for medicine without making clear why there aren’t any real alternatives to animal experimentation.

  16. I bought some ‘alkaline water’ for my sons science experiment (we were doing the red cabbage ph experiment). It was the same ph as normal water 🙁 I want my $3 back.

  17. I was told if I adopted a purely vegan lifestyle all the pain and dislocations would simply vanish lol. I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome, fibromyalgia and bulging discs in my neck and lower spine so can’t stand upright with no support for more than a minute without ending up on my bum as my backs spasms sending a jolt of agony down both legs resulting in a very abrupt sit down.

  18. I’m sorry I don’t care what people says, I have rheumetroid arthritis and turmeric helps to reduce my inflammation. And no I’m not on any medication. I have tried steroids which made things worse for me.

  19. Chinese Restaurant Syndrome? WTF? We dont have that in the UK – what is it? is it something Trump hopes will get him re-elected?

  20. Mediterranean diet that avoids added fats (like oil), sugars(like sugar) and contaminated foods, like 🐔 in America helped me lose 90lbs, keto only did 30 and had heart issues develop.

  21. I wanna know about adaptogens!! It’s hard to reconcile eastern/western medicine sometimes but I take em just in case they do have a noticeable effects!!

  22. I think it’s just that anti oxidant rich foods are good for you. And if you eat a lot in your diet you’re probably eating better than someone who isn’t it the average person.

  23. Those are a lot of of health claims for a root that we regularly use in our cooking lol

  24. 19:30. I use baking soda whenever my heartburn gets too bad. I’m wondering if there’s any damage I might be doing to my systems by doing that. I take about a tablespoon with a half cup of water. It works faster and better then any over the counter stuff I’ve bought

  25. 11:33, It is not "A" Mediterranean Diet; that is a misconception and a false fact.

    The diet referred to in numerous health studies only existed over 20 years prior to the initial study, the diet was actually replaced due to modernization. That bears repeating. The Scientist’s were not examining individuals, but looking at overlooked data that was over 20 years past.

    They noticed historical *statistical data* that suggested that the diets of poor (peasant) populations in the Mediterranean islands had lower instances of heart disease (mainly) and other ailments. So eating Kofta Kebabs isn’t going to do anything for your health, but eating a diet mainly of beans for protein (like those peasants) and daily exercise (carrying water from a well), like the notable elements of this "diet"; we know will improve your health without having to call it a Mediterranean diet.

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