The Truth Behind the MLM Wellness Industry

The Truth Behind the MLM Wellness Industry

I was recruited into JuicePlus, a multilevel marketing supplement company. Here’s my story. Subscribe to Nourishable at

Featured interview with Stacie Bosley, PhD Associate Professor in Economics from Hamline University

Polish translation by Mateusz Danek

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Assistant Producer: Joshua Palomera, MS candidate at Simmons University

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The Juice Plus+ Company Health Claims Database

Protein Powder White Paper

The Juice Plus Company Income Claims Database

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Are these MLMs actually pyramid schemes?
MLMs are selling the American dream – the opportunity to be your own boss and earn financial independence.
Naturopathic doctor Humbart “Smokey” Santillo created the Juice Plus blend.
Truth In Advertising or, TINA has found misleading health and income claims by Juice Plus.
We’re nearly a year into the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn.
In June of 2020, JuicePlus received a warning letter from the FTC for health claims made by participants “community” members regarding the ability of JuicePlus to help treat or prevent coronavirus infection.
Anecdote is not evidence. More isn’t always better.
It doesn’t matter if it’s MLMs selling shakes, essential oils, or supplements; in the end they just don’t deliver on the health or income claims.


  1. Hey fam. I liked the vlog. 😄 🤣 You have to really vlog with the lit group Bad Friends. Their stuff low-key are like David Dobrik mixed with a bit of Mike Majlak. Theyre a awesome friend group in SoCal.

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  2. Do you know about Protein Supplement Company like nutrabay who claims to sell proteins supplements and other health related product and claims to be FDA approved ? How about pharma company selling extract of vitamin C , zinc to boost the immunity against COVID ? *IMPORTANT QUESTION*
    How do me or any other individual should look for when they are purchasing any supplements or other health related product ? How do we get to know if it’s beneficial ? Infact certain ecommerce website delete the negative feedback of customers ? In India there are many claims regarding Ayurvedic supplement can cure Covid and by making such false claims or by selling immunity boosting supplement their business have increased exponentially ? How do we as an individual not fall in trap of these false claims ? The business of sanitizer company have increased. In fact company who were not selling sanitizer started selling them to promote their business? There are many illegal activities in regard to selling sanitizer at higher price, storing ventilators, selling mask at higher rate and bring false claims ? In a world where data is everything and most of the data is false or wrong claims. To pull out relevant useful data or product as per your need is like *drinking water from fire hydrant*

  3. Hey, fellow scientist here 🙋‍♂️ just wanted to let you know I really enjoy learning from all of your content. Your channel was one of the reasons I was able to lose 20 lbs so can’t thank you enough 🙌🏻

  4. Lara Hyde!
    All I want to say is I LOVE YOU. Your videos are so informative and sheds light on different ways of nutrition and diet. Also,I can’t thank you enough on how you have helped me understand about dieting,nutrition and everything that is helpful for a healthy weightloss.
    Please don’t ever stop what you’re doing!
    Love and smiles,
    From India.

  5. Thank you for this! I am interested in getting into the wellness industry but it seems to be so product driven instead of nutrition science/technique -driven

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