Top 10 Benefits of Exercise | Health Benefits of Exercise

Top 10 Benefits of Exercise | Health Benefits of Exercise

Top 10 Benefits of Exercise | Health Benefits of Exercise

Most people know that exercise is good….for most people. This video walks you through the 10 proven benefits of exercise based on the best and most current studies available.

I would love to hear your experience and thoughts about the benefits of exercise in your life. Comment below!

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  1. A person I know played tennis every day for 20+ years. He died of brain cancer at age of 43. What’s your take on this, doc?

  2. I have a friend who is 80 years old. She used to belong to overeaters anonymous and AA and she owned a Diet Center franchise for a while. There was a point when I was deflecting her attempts to get me to follow her diet plan I said something about being more active and exercising. She shut me down immediately and said that wouldn’t help. I was a bit shocked by her delusional beliefs. However, I was not at all surprised when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few months later.

  3. Good point about exercise eliminating the urge to smoke cigarettes. Cardio/respiratory (vs weight-bearing) exercise works best. Join a local running club or hire a private fitness trainer for a few sessions to get started. You’ll see.

  4. Physical exercise is importante for all ages. Some like volleyball , others surf, football, swimming, dance etc…Everyone should have a healthy style of life 🙂

  5. Im quite fat and every time I start I feel ashamed of my body, and when start with basic calisthenics I feel awkward and start overthinking and then leave the gym because it feels like a waste of time 🙁

    Been in this loop for years and can’t exit it 🙁

  6. Thank you so much for your recommendations!!! Love your benefits informations of regular doing exercises/
    Hello from Vietnam

  7. India…maid culture…mainly big cities….if you do your entire 🏠 core…best exercise…teach kids : organise their wardrobe, table…folding /ironing clothes…keep bed clean…begging of real life lessons

  8. Stretching after exercise is much better than stretching before and this will give you much more strength and stamina. Regular workout is essential for our body and for this you can take herbal protein supplements from Planet Ayurveda

  9. Well instead of ‘forcing’ people to participate in the study, get people who does each of those categories on their own accord and put them in the study ‘with consent ofc’. They gone smoke etc anyhow with or without the study. Just now there’s a benefit behind it.

  10. I’m only 20 years old and I’ve been trying to recover from a bad sugar addiction I make sure to get enough nutrients from eating right (fruits, veggies, good carbs, whole grains) sleeping better and making sure I exercise as much as possible so this video really helps me learn the true benefits of having a healthy lifestyle

  11. Have there been studies of neurodivergent brains and exercise and brain chemicals? Just anecdotally, it doesn’t seem that neurodivergent brains become “happy brains” through exercise. This is especially bad because if prone to depression, the worse thing for you is sitting inside the house.

  12. 1) improves mortality
    2) heart issues
    3)helps lower insulin levels (less likely to get type 2 diabetes if you exercise)
    4) Prevention of Cancer (less likely to develop breast, colorectal, intestinal, prostate…)
    5) less likely to become obese (will help with weight loss)
    6) decrease the chances of osteoporosis and fracturing your bones (with weight training) (increases bone mineral density)
    7) helps you to quit smoking
    8) helps prevent forming gallstones (gallbladder… prevent infections)
    9) improves cognition (keeps your mind stronger)
    10) reduces mental stress, (anxiety, depression…etc) (runners high…exercise high) surge of norepinephrine (similar to adrenaline)… dopamine (hormone), and serotonin (neurotransmitters). ‘baseline becomes higher’ 6:45

  13. I loved this video! It’s so true! I’ve been running outside about 3-5 Times a week based on the weather now also mixing in some HIIT workouts once or twice a week since Covid began, so almost a year now consistently and it has definitely done all those things for me that you mentioned. My mood improves pretty much instantly whenever I run even if there’s something that’s causing me stress. I’ve also noticed small changes in my diet improves my endurance levels as well, the weirdest one I found is that coffee actually slows me down and I’ve been drinking it for years. Only now I stopped and I have more energy! It’s so odd to me, but there you go. Have you ever heard of that? Is that normal?

  14. So I have had chronic night terrors ever since I can remember. After increasing my exercise and losing about 15% of my body weight, I have experienced a decrease in my disruptive sleep episodes. I’ve even begun having body positive dreams!

  15. Great video. No restating every point 10 times to make it longer; nice, short and concise. I’ll actually remember this video and hopefully do it. Especially now that I have very high blood pressure all of a sudden, and I’m losing muscle.

  16. I agree with the video. I am almost 60 I exercise everyday and I have very few gray hair. My friends always ask me and wonder what’s my secrets. I know the benefits of exercise at an young age but did not know the reason until now. Enhanced tissue perfusion due to greater cardiac output. Strong myocardium means slow pulse at rest therefore does not require as much oxygen V8 vs inline 4.

  17. FYI. I started exercising 30-40 minutes, 3-4 times per week and in 1 year I lowered my cholesterol by 30%.

  18. Hi…so i was wondering…i hurt my back but i was told not to lift items or weight but i go on a 3 mile walk every day im a 53 year old woman…is that enough excersize for all the benefits you talked about….Thanks for the video…

  19. Like your well rounded approach….still what happened to the dog??? Your videos inspire inform nice to know there are people like you.. good thing👏🏻👏🏻

  20. I don’t know what is different…. you look brighter, happier! Whatever it is keep it up! Thank you for the good advices 🙂

  21. What if cycling (London, UK) is to dangerous – coz you’re too unfit to do 40mph – and PE at school has drummed out of you any inkling of the remotest enjoyment of exercise … unless it’s got another ‘more primary’ function, such as getting from A -> B on a bike? Move to the countryside 🤷🏻? 😢

  22. Thanks for the video, very informative 😉. My problem is that I ❤️🍰 cake! So the struggle is real Doc…

  23. Exercise is like medication. In the right dose it is very beneficial to some people but if you overdo it…it can lead to other health issues.

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