Top 10 Junk Foods & Fast Foods, Better Body Nutrition Austin

Top 10 Junk Foods & Fast Foods, Better Body Nutrition Austin

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Top 10 Junk Foods & Fast Foods, Better Body Nutrition Austin includes fries, donuts, soft drinks, chips, fried foods, candy bar, snack cakes, etc

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Better Body Clinical Nutrition
Joe Stickland, A.C.N
Applied Clinical Nutritionist

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  1. KFC grilled chicken is likely better for you and malt or shake should be a small one so as not to get excess sugar.

  2. @Yuzuki94 fruits,veggies,YUM! low calorie breads and grains, pasta,beans and legumes, non-fat yogurt, skim milk, water, you can have potatoes just cooked in the oven, SWEET POTATO (so delicious :] ) UN DEEP FRIED poultry (ex. white chicken breast) etc.etc.
    there’s so many other foods that i haven’t listed. all you have to do is open your eyes and look around. there’s much more food in this world that tastes better, more nutritious and better for you, its just hiding behind the big wall of Fat

  3. You need your carbs also, guess what without carbs your liver dies, carbs are what make up so many things in your body everything has carbs in it, it’s first year bio if you don’t believe me, learn it! If you want something that won’t go solid in your body eat unsaturated fats, one more thing your body requires sugars. sugar=glucose and glucose=cellular respiration which equals uh living! You have no clue what your saying, now I’m gonna go and eat a choco sunday!!!!!!

  4. you’re body was probably detoxing itself.. similar to what you get when experiencing withdrawal symptoms from an addiction -or- you were miseducated about your health food diet.
    I was fat once and ate all the fat and non-nutritious foods…. to me being healthy and balanced is what I like. I am more energetic and out going now. i have more self esteem and i don’t breath hard or turn red trying to keep up with my skinny friends. ppl, do you want to live ur life like a unhappy fat girl?

  5. .If you´re going to give subtitutes,give some that are alike….chips replaced by wasa bread???really??

  6. he doesn’t look that bad. and he was probably in worse shape before, and still working on improving his body and health. who knows?

  7. If you have a serving of ice cream which is 1/2 a cup as part of a balanced meal is possibly okay problem is most americans eat to much sugary food of course artifical sweetned foods are likely worse. I occasionaly eat ice cream but not everyday I tend to avoid desserts and instead eat fruit as part of a balanced meal with other food groups.

  8. hmmm lets see give up candy and get driend fruit smashed up with nuts hmmm no i think ill stick with my coke and chococlate

  9. FIBRE IS NOT ALWAYS GOOD!!! You cannot be healthy if your body flushes away everything you need.

  10. This vid makes a lot of sense but at the end of the day, you only live once so what the heck….fries rule!

  11. If you have been trying to burn off fat quickly, you should look up on google Slim Body Maximizer. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  12. man, screw this! best thing in life is food, its not how many years you live is HOW u live those years… go to texas ! eat deep fried butter ! haha

  13. Hes saying eat healthy carbs, not refined carbs. Hes not saying don’t eat carbs at all.

  14. Lame! This would be beneficial info if you lived off of junk food but if you treat these as treats then who gives a f..k.

  15. WHO IN THIS WORLD EAT A DONUT A YEAR???? really now,this is just pure crap…you either eat it rarely or don´t eat it at all…but 1 a year??and this coming from a guy as thin as this one…
    Not to mention that i can´t beliebe we´re still recomending agave nectar as a GOOD option….or that he forget to mentiont the amount fo fat and fructose in those raw deserts. If you´re going to give advice,give the entire info..

  16. Screw "health" foods – that too often are just trendy processed foods with a fancy label and an oxymoron.
    Whole foods are a simple healthy alternative – without the fancy labels and absurd prices.

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