Top 10 Misleading Food Label Claims | Nutrition Labels BUSTED!!!

Top 10 Misleading Food Label Claims | Nutrition Labels BUSTED!!!

Hey, guys! Terms like “all natural” and “low fat” are often slapped on food that may not be healthy for you. Being a savvy consumer these days means not always taking a food labels claim at face value. In today’s video, I cover the top 10 misleading nutrition labels claims and what they actually mean for your health. Make sure to share this video with your friends and family and don’t forget to subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶

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  1. Is he on coke or something?? I remember his first video and he was so calm and authentic and natural then. What happened…?!?

  2. There should be a label for the glycemic index, especially fir foods claiming “0 sugar” when yea theres no calories from the sugar substitute but most of them like sucralose, dextrose, maltodextrin, among others still raise your blood sugar and can kick you out of a fast, just showing how it still affects your blood sugar. Sugar substitutes like monk fruit, stevia (not Splenda), allulose and even aspartame don’t affect your blood sugar.

  3. I just took a look at my low fat milk and realized that milk which I have enjoyed in daily basis contains 48g of sugar. It never even crossed my mind to even question low fat milk to have sugar in it, let alone so much. This really opened my eyes.

  4. How about Beers that are LITE…is that exists in the Western World or is it only in the PH🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  5. Thank you for this video, your energy level is perfect! 🙂 Your so passionate about this! ^_^ It’s sooooo tricky how companies are allowed to mislead with these labels.

  6. as a person with drinking aspartame nearly 15 years, I’ve only craved for bread… So, you’re right!

  7. I forgot from where and what people said why exactly, but those ‘Daily Value’ percentages are COMPLETE B.S.- because it’s based on uniformly figured averages of what a body “need”.

    When I was stuck bicycling DAILY, my healthy foods requirements went WAAY UP, along with f-tons of water I’d need-
    I live in HOT ARIZONA!

  8. You never mentioned plant based.
    Perhaps this is too shocking for your vegan and vegetarian followers.
    All animals are plant based.

  9. I will forever remember the day I pointed out to my cousin that her low-cal drink was actually a high-cal drink because the serving size was half a can.
    Those companies sure try to get away with a lot.

  10. My husband and I tried outshine frozen fruit bars oh my delicious. First ingredient is the fruit. Grape is grape strawberry is strawberry. Without no artificial colors or dyes. In strawberry frozen fruit bars beet juice yes there is real chunks of strawberries

  11. What is your definition of a ‘chemical’ in thid context? Suffice to say, pretty much everything is a chemical

  12. You missed the worst item, Total Carbs’, most labels might show LOW fat, LOW calories which is what the majority of the public looks out for when the real culprit is carb count, this is what turns into sugar/fat and packs on the pounds…

  13. More info please like natural flavors and xanthan gum or we only put in pure products vs the packaging contains pure products and get away with this because they purchased the product with chemicals and add only pure stuff like one strawberry.

  14. OMG the number one! I was checking my calorie intake and reading nutrition facts makes me say wtf so that’s how they get to "make it look low calorie" when it isn’t. Fall for that lot of times but when I spot the trick, never.

  15. me eating a box of ice cream " hmm, yes interesting will do that"
    (I’m eating from the box because the freezer isn’t working 😬)

  16. Tip number 0: Do your own from basic ingredients! I swear, pack your flat or house with those mason jars and can it, instead of buying cans. And get that press for juice, dehydrater for dry fruits, etc. You’ll have a better life I’m sure

  17. Great things to know for sure! Serving size, yeah, lol, I was looking at the nutritional value, or lack thereof, of a premade pie that came in a box, that had the serving size as 1/9th of a pie! I’m no great chef/cook by any means, but how in the world do you slice a pie into 9 pieces!? It’s a lot lot, easier and a standard to slice into 8 pieces or 4…maybe 12, or you get the idea, but 9!? lol

  18. I agree. They tried to out smart consumers😂😂😂😂. I checked the servings after I started counting my calories for my day limit consumption 😂😂

  19. 0:20 – N°10 – Ignore meaningless phrases
    0:35 – N°9 – Watch out for caffeine
    0:55 – N°8 – Low fat can mean high sugar
    1:10 – N°7 – Watch out for sneaky nitrates
    1:25 – N°6 – Be mindful of artificial sweeteners
    1:50 – N°5 – Limit natural sugar too !
    2:10 – N°4 – Be skeptical of health claims
    2:45 – N°3 – Make sure "whole" comes first!
    3:05 – N°2 – Be careful with "lite"
    3:30 – N°1 – Check the serving size!

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