1. What are these mats you are using there?
    I am setting up a home gym at the moment and I like to train barefoot.
    I am also not sure how stable the PowerRacks and a weight training bench are standing on those mats.
    Can someone give any information please?

  2. With the overhead press. My hand placement is further apart than in the video, is that bad form? That said. My ego just left the room when he did the overhead press! πŸ˜„, I’m on 5kg with that πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ.

  3. Question: Is it possible and still effective to kneel while doing the overhead press? Standing in the room I workout in prevents it do to the ceiling height. Thanks!

  4. hey there im a new fitness channel mind subscribing to me for amazing diet and training tips weekly? πŸ™‚

  5. Hey guys, I’m following your bulking plan for 3 months now, (love it) but I seem to have hit a wall with weight gaining. I was making a steady 2 lb a week eating 3500 calories a day (strict) but now I seem to be in a limbo were I’m not gaining weight anymore or losing it. Should I up my calories?? Say an extra 100 or is this normal?

  6. I listeedn to the shoulder press section a couple times and I don’t recall any comments on hand width placement. Your placement in the video example is probably about 3 inches closer together than I would normally choose for my hand width for the shoulder press. What was your reasoning for choosing what I consider a narrower hand width positioning for the shoulder press versus a slightly wider grip?

  7. Hey buff dudes i have a problem i have recently started working out and am making progress but now with my bench presses i do 5 sets of 5 reps and use weight that gets me tired but i dont feel like the bench press is working for me instead i just feel a pain in my wrist every time i bench instead of feeling sore in my chest can u guys help me out with this?

  8. Good channel will share and try on my power rack in my new home gym built in lockdown 2 πŸ’ͺ

  9. Let your dad know hes a fucking legend for sharing that power rack tutorial. Now i bring the gym to ME, AND i’m DAMN WELL gonna curl in this bitch.

  10. Power rack arriving tomorrow πŸ€ͺ gym payments cancelled. Looking forward to focusing on strength training. Great video, keep up the good work πŸ’ͺ

  11. Thanks for the video. Just purchased my first power rack and bench set up. Clear and concise demonstrations, thanks !

  12. I feel like having a fitness channel is something "fuck what am I gonna make a video about now? How long should I wait? When is my channel and all the other channels gonna die because all the interesting things got covered?

  13. I slip a bench in the power rack and use safety bars to do isometric and concentric failure on bench press. Safety bars just above my chest when I’m laying down on bench. Then I bench press till I drop bar on safety bars. Re rack. Shake out add a little weight if needed do a very slow negative down to safety bar. Then do 15-20 second Isometrics at bottom.

  14. Hey everyone! We did a "best exercises using a bench" a few weeks ago and we wanted to follow it up with another. What would you like to see next? Cable Machine? Maybe Smith Machine if you’re stuck in a hotel gym? Let us knooowww. In the meantime we’ll be shooting a big Halloween video – look for it SOON

  15. Is that a dirty dozen poster on the wall next to the rack? One of my all time favorite films, good stuff.

  16. That Smith machine video would be really helpful as no gym near has a power rack or even a normal squat rack which is pretty annoying

  17. You’re my favorite workout channel now because you don’t start out with dubstep and screaming WHATSUP GUYS while slapping the air.

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