Top 5 Vitamins & Supplements To Support A Healthy Body in 2020

Top 5 Vitamins & Supplements To Support A Healthy Body in 2020

All month long, we are coming with daily videos to help you shop for the cleanest items at the grocery store for the new year. I am calling these videos a FlavCity shorts, because they are quick hitters, but are loaded with valuable info that will help you shop like a boss in 2020. These are my top favorite vitamins and supplements to support a healthy body. I don’t take many of these, but I do believe in vitamins to help fill the gaps in your diet. You really have to know the quality of the supplement and read the other ingredients to see whats it is mixed with. Happy new year everyone, here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2020! Mad love..Bobby, Dessi, Rose, and Art! XOXO

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Bobby Approved Ebook shopping guide:

Primal kitchen collagen fuel:
Vital protein unflavored collagen peptides:
Marine collagen(made from fish):
Plant based collagen,unflavored:

Collagen coffee creamer:

Garden of life grass-fed butter powder:

Plant based protein powder, my faves:
Garden of life plant based raw organic protein:
Four sigmatic mushroom protein:

Ancient nutrition:
For men:

Multi-vitamins for Women:

Omega-3:Slightly different from video, but still good:

Buy probiotics at the store in the fridge section. Whole foods has a 25% off sale Jan 2-4

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  1. The multi ancient vitamin is better. Has more dosage close to what you need.
    The others some items to low. Like zinc, k, d3

  2. Love your videos! I’ve been wanting to add collagen to my diet but not sure if powders are better or just popping some supplement pills. Which is better and if pills are just a good, which ones do you recommend?

  3. Hi Bobby, Thanks 🙏🏼 for uploading video . Please can you also make video on liver supplement and cleansing. Thanks 🙏🏼

  4. Bobby im 16. Does It matter if i take omega 3s fish oil or i need to be at least 18 I need to take them for recovery in the gym

  5. If i am going vegan but i am just learning about it what kind of supplements or vitamins can i take specially when im nursing a baby

  6. The unique formula of this>> *Fast.Secured.Kim* is extremely powerful! My wife using this and getting amazing result…

  7. Thanks for this video! Informative as always. In the spirit of equipping FlavCity subscribers with supplemental knowledge, please avoid the brand "LiveWell Labs" collagen peptides. Their product tastes like chemicals and gave me horrendous migraines. This is not a legit business. Stick with the brands Bobby recommends!

  8. Hi Bobby which protein can i add to a shake for a 17 year old boy?? Can i use the garden of life raw organic vanilla or do you suggest i go with the unflavored?? Thank you and blessings

  9. Extremely helpful in making healthy choices.
    Can you suggest any manufacturer that produces Halal collagen powder?

  10. Could you recommend a brand of Turmeric or any other supplement that might help ease aches and pains in a 60 yr old. Healthy/fit but pain from previous back injuries. Thank you!

  11. Whoever facing metabolism problem I suggest you to use this:>> *SysTem.Secured.Kim* … Their natural ingredients and vitamins support the full body through the scientific process…
    el sorprendente enfoque de esto

  12. I am looking for a Probiotic for Women over 50 to take once daily. Have been using Ancient for Women, but they keep running out. Can you recommend another that is just as good or better. Have already been through menopause. I am 63.

  13. How careful do you have to be about overdosing on the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E & K)? I noticed in that multi-vitamin you had some pretty high daily value percentages (like over 600% DV).

  14. Bobby, I started to listening you few months ago. I did take some of your advice and apply while I shop for grocery. Now, I slowly start to replace some stuff you recommend that is healthy. Keep going!

  15. Bobby…How can I tell if my pre-workout supplement is good and not interupting my intermitent fasting?

  16. Hi Bobby- I really like your videos as you explains things with sound logic. I do have a question – For Calcium supplement would you recommend the Kirkland Signature Brand at Costco-

  17. What about antibiotics in the “grass fed” bovine collagen supplements? The bovine source for most of them is South America so how can you know if antibiotics are or are not administered- even grass fed or pasture raised? Is this important?

  18. Hi Bobby love your videos.Can you recommend a liquid vitamin C? My daughter does not like swallowing pills. Thank you

  19. I don’t get the logic behind refrigerating probiotics. Live bacteria lives in warm areas particularly gut bacteria. The gut is warm and acidic. Even so if you’ve ever worked in retail you know that somewhere along the way to hitting that shelf they were left unrefrigerated. Like after delivery in the back stock room waiting to be put out in the refrigerator section. I prefer something that is shelf stable because if it requires such specific conditions to remain viable, it’s high risk/ probability that it’s not going to hold up to anything different.

    I have cultured some of the shelf stable pro-b’s myself, grew them on nutrient agar and observed the cultures under light microscope and have found with at least the ones I’ve used, to be very much alive and active.

  20. For the brand “ancient nutrition”, under folate, it states 900 mcg (micrograms). From what the CDC and other health experts say is that a standard dose of folate (aka folic acid) for women is 400 mcg (or 0.4 milligrams) per day. Under this brand, it has more mcg than the supposed daily dose. I’m confused and I would appreciate it if you can please clarify this for me. I’m looking to buy multivitamins for myself with folate/folic acid to prepare for pregnancy as well. Thanks!!!

  21. You should do more of these types of videos for a example pastured eggs just like that and just do that on anything and i Thank u for every Video you make but i do recommend of videos like pastured eggs but yeah thank u

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