Top Digital Health Trends In 2019 – The Medical Futurist

Top Digital Health Trends In 2019 – The Medical Futurist

Digital Health Trends for 2020 – Check our report on Leanpub:

The digital health trends to watch in 2020: What global trends are shaping the year ahead and are expected to have the biggest impact on healthcare? Read our predictions about national digital health strategies, 5G, Amazon’s and Google’s march into healthcare and more. Here are the major trends that we look forward to.

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  1. as a consumer I hate bots and computer menus, not cor me …I will not use them…healthcare has become about money, data turned into money, and treating symptoms rather than holistically preventing disease….just like social media is not really social …

  2. E-Health market share is expected to reach USD 124 billion with a CAGR of 14.61% by 2024.
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  3. @bertalan this is my favourite video so far. Really intriguing look forward to what we can expect in the coming year.

    Have you heard about the UK digital health strategy that is linked with the NHS Long term plan?

    AI is a common news story in UK with Babylon creating and marketing their AI platform with some positive and several negative outcomes. Regulation is key and something lacking, but a worldwide FDA like organisation would be invaluable.

  4. What will happen with healthcare providers, such as doctors, physios, etc. when A.I. gets better and better?

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