V8 Diet Splash Berry Blend, Light Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red & Ocean Spray Diet Cran-Cherry

V8 Diet Splash Berry Blend, Light Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red & Ocean Spray Diet Cran-Cherry

This is a taste test/review of three different low calorie juices including the V8 Diet Splash Berry Blend, Light Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red and Ocean Spray Diet Cran-Cherry.
* The V8 Diet Splash Berry Blend was $1.98 at Walmart. 8 oz. = 10 calories
* The Light Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red was $1.68 at Walmart. 8 oz. = 10 calories
* The Ocean Spray Diet Cran-Cherry was $2.78 at Walmart. 8 oz. = 5 calories

Music Credit: “Fearless First” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. Many of these have more that 40 grams of sugar per serving. Sugar is more damaging than the carbs.

  2. Cranberry is great for cystitis or urinary tract infections! I’d be interested in hearing how Kevin feels reducing his Diet Coke intake? Does he feel better from switching?

  3. I do the opposite. I eat and drink the best stuff first, and save the worst for when I’m desperate lol

  4. not a big fan of the Hawaiian punch. it’s not very flavorful to me. I’d much rather have the ocean spray

  5. my stores never have the light Hawaiian Punch not even Walmart. I love the store brand of cranberry black cherry and cran raspberry. There are several flavors of Hawaiian Punch now and i wish you would review them as i don’t wanna buy a gallon to see IF i like them.

  6. I’m a soda lover myself. especially a good 7yp, ginger ale and squirt. but I’m trying to drink less soda. try POV Pomegranate juice! it’s healthy, and so delicious!

  7. The Summer Berry flavour drink you had in London is Oasis, they have a light version too 🙂

  8. I believe Kroger or Meijer, can’t remember which one, has a store brand version of the Ocean Spray Diet drink which may be less expensive. At least they did years ago but I haven’t checked in a while.

  9. Ocean spray has a cran-pineapple that is really sweet and delicious. Much sweeter than the cran-cherry. And I believe they have it in diet too.

  10. You should try Nature’s Twist Sugar Free Orangeade. It’s 5 calories, 100mg sodium for a16.9 oz. it’s really really good and they have cases of it at SAMs club. They have other flavors too. The strawberry lemon is really good.

  11. I’m on the Keto diet and I absolutely LOVE the diet cran-cherry and cran-pomegranate. They are so low in carbs, that I can enjoy them every now and then.

  12. When we where kids mom would get Hawaiian punch for us and it was a big deal.we didn’t get it often.

  13. Did this man just say that a half gallon will last him 2days it usually last me like 5 or 6

  14. I have to switch up my drinks too, I couldn’t drink the same thing every day.. unless it’s water lol.

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