Vertical Diet Log – Introduction/Overview of Goals

Vertical Diet Log – Introduction/Overview of Goals

(Cliff Notes) Main goals of the vertical diet for myself:
– Upregulate thyroid function as much as possible
– Enhanced cognitive function (avoid blood sugar fluctuation induced mental comas)
– Optimize gut health
– Hit all micronutrient needs
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  1. I hear alot about this diet it’s alot like a revamp of reverse diets for coming out of shows Layne Norton went down this road in lik2013 with that being said I think a diet like this is good for people who are naturally fast metabolism I’ve tried it and got fat it doesn’t make any real sense diet for cut has to pull from energy (Cal’s,carbs,fats) Stan does admittedly use alot of gear which I will say from experience allows you to eat more I don’t recommend people try this unless your bulking or cardio is high ooorrr if you are on cutting agents

  2. would this diet be good for someone who just burps alot? idk whats wrong. the doctors dont really idk if i should takin a pro or maybe this diet?

  3. Once youve been on carnivore nutrient dense diet. Not just muscle meat. You know how little vitamins are in veggies n fruits. Good to hear your more about overall health now!!

  4. This was good man. I also like that you touched on the sense of entitlement most people have now.

    We want everything the best, we want it now, and it has to be free or your a conman 😒
    Many people really deserve a slap.

    Anyway bro going to watch the follow up vid now. Good stuff from you as per.

  5. Derek, if you’re interested in good digestion, have you come across ayurvedic food practice before?. Quite interesting, don’t know if there is any science to back it up but still worth an investigation

  6. Fuck, carnivore diet is where it’s at. A ribeye per day with some raw eggs and milk. Butter. Bacon. Fiber is garbage, I’ve never felt this good before.

  7. Sodium is essential. You are a self replicating, self repairing, electrically driven bio chemical machine that can be driven by a ghost. You are mostly water and in order for that voltage to flow you need sodium. PH is the measure of voltage in a liquid, a PH meter is an extremely sensitive voltage meter. All of those oldest sayings stand true, “you are what you eat”, “I have a gut feeling”, “I feel it in my heart”. You have brain neurons in your intestines and in your heart that all communicate with the brain electrically and chemically via your nervous system. You are in the cell making business. Your cells need -25mv to function, and twice the voltage to reproduce -50mv. Your entire body replaces its self over and over in your lifetime. Your muscles are the battery packs that store that voltage and stacked into a system, wired into circuit systems with breakers, which are your teeth. if you have old fillings or damaged teeth you can short that system causing your other battery packs to have to make up the slack, throwing your whole system out of whack. The Chinese mapped these systems in meridians and now you can see modern medical diagrams that outline and trace that very systems.
    I learned this from a man named Dr. Jerry Tennant and you have to check him out. I don’t know if or how often you check messages, so I’ll probably hit you with this again to make sure you got it. It’s repayment for the value I’ve gotten from your videos which I just started watching. Thanks for what you do.

  8. Looking at the chart that was inserted briefly, it says that red meat has healthy fats. Sure, just like the eggs and the butter. What a stupid diet, whats wrong with wholegrain and legumes?

  9. It’s refreshing in today’s "fake natty" society, someone which is completely honest with thier PED usage, admitting to overdoing them (not to a great extent by any means) and over doing certain supplements. If the lockdown has taught me anything, I don’t need the level of steroids I’ve used in the past and I certainly can and will shorten the cycle periods moving forward. Like yourself, I’m in it for the longevity as I’m turning 31 this year and I don’t want to have any long term health issues in later life. This vertical diet seems like a fantastic diet and isn’t a fad/crash diet which is near impossible to follow for the long term, I’m definitely going to give it a trial run for 2 months and see what happens.

  10. 11:25 bruh I have bradycardia and it’s not fun. I’ve fainted twice now from smoking weed or waking up in the middle of the night and going to the washroom…if I’m too "relaxed" my heart rate dips too low and I don’t get enough oxygen or whatever and get knocked tf out lmao (my resting bpm is like 55 as well so not even super low). Forcing bradycardia on urself might lead to some unfortunate side effects if ur unlucky like me

  11. As for Sodium
    I’ve read a study, which suggested that you generally, in terms on cardiovascular health, want to intake 3-5g per day. Going over that moderately increases risk of cardiovascular events, and going below that significantly increases risk of cardiovascular events.

  12. Who eats carbs for breakfast? I love carbs, but when I wake up I have zero desire for them. Pretty much the only other moment I don’t crave them is right after a workout (when I need them).

  13. Dude. This video made me actually take a look at my micronutrient intake.
    Long story short, i’m very deficient in Vitamin A, C, D, E, Magnesium and Maganese. Haven’t been taking a multi-vitamin because they give me bad nausea, probably because i’m already high on iron intake, so adding an extra 100% RDA to that is probably overkill.
    No wonder i’ve been feeling so shitty lately. I have tingling, numbness, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, acid reflux, diarrhea, insomnia, brainfog, lacking co-ordination, have barely gained muscle in the passed 9 months, and have terrible skin. I don’t think this is all caused by my deficiencies, i suspect my anxiety disorder which i’ve had forever is a heavy contributor, but it wouldn’t surprise me if fixing my diet would help with a lot of these symptoms.

  14. This is just another dumb "stan" thing. You know he was involved with a fake doctor and wanted murderer out of panama making dirty UGL steroids right? It is amazing how ignorant people are. eat food you can digest,. wow nobody knew that before. Get your micros not only macros wow thats news right? Then he says to eat all this white rice which is pretty much MICRO EMPTY!!! how fucking dumb. And a ton of red meat.

  15. Great channel my man. I just stumbled on your channel through the YouTube algorithm. I love your sensible no BS approach to health and fitness 💪 If you could recommend any books for a novice on nutrition, insulin response, and training what are some staples I should look in to? I eat a pretty balanced macro diet and lift 3-4 times a week. But would love to understand more about feeding windows and insulin response to work smarter and recover better. Thank you Dereck keep up the good work!

  16. Diet has made a big difference with my Digestive System. I spend hundreds of dollars in Co-pays to hear I’m just getting older.

  17. I totally agree with avoiding carbs early in the morning. I practice intermittent fasting and it helps with my productivity at work (I do landscape). My lunch is always a protein source and veggies which helps keep me wired throughout the day! Then I load up on carbs for dinner before bed (ice cream😋). It’s been helping with my fat loss goals🙌 great video🤙

  18. cuz are you broadcasting from the 70s ,WTF is that behind you paneling and is that an A.C. or an old wall stereo

  19. There’s a fitness product called the oura ring that measures rhr, body temp and sleep… wont be as accurate as manual measurements but easier for long term maintenance, looking forward to hearing how the diet goes.

  20. Watching all the videos in your Vertical Diet playlist before I consider whether spending $100 on Stan’s book is worth it.

  21. Butter helps allot with hdl I eat allot of butter to increase my calories and flavor just got my bloodwork done my hdl is way above average and low ldl

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