Vibration Plate Workout!? | Does it work?

Vibration Plate Workout!? | Does it work?

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Check Out the Vibration Plate I used in this video.

I am wearing The Fig Seamless Yoga Set from @ten.forty9

Vibration Plate Workout!? | Does it work?

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  1. I got this item today and I’m having issues stopping it. When I hit the stop button it dozens stop. When the time ends it keep shaking. And I doing something wrong? I have to hit the power button in the back for it to stop

  2. I just ordered the Rumblex 4D Pro for $500. I’m positive it will be my best investment. I’m single too. I love your energy, vibe and ambition. Marry me?

  3. I just got mine and couldn’t wait to try. OMG I’m addicted already. Muscles I forgot I had are being worked:) Definitely recommed

  4. You totally sold me on this ,just made a purchase, exactly what I needed to see, had knee surgery years ago can’t workout how I use to and bad joints . Thank you for such a great video 💜

  5. I just ordered one. I’m 61 I can’t wait to try it. I have a question would you recommend wearing my I watch on it? I’m concerned the watch will break

  6. I had one for my 70th birthday. They are amazing, muscles are tighter, joints looser, posture better and a definite weight loss

  7. Adore my LifePro vibration plates, Rumblex Pro and Waver. They got me off my cane and I cancelled my knee replacement sugeries. Fibro pain is way down, and Im down 2.5% BMI in 7 weeks!

  8. Bar none, She’s right try push ups on this…. Also it helps get ride of gout increases your blood circulation and will remove back pains if u slept wrong on it. "I managed a studio" that had these so Ive use this thing 101 different ways.

    It’s the hidden gem of fitness

  9. Please keep in mind these vibrating plates are wonderful for toning leg muscles and helping if you are having issues with mobility and balance..such as from having Neuropathy in your feet like I do. Just make sure you have something to grab onto while using them such as a wall, tall table or chair because you need that stability when you first start to avoid falling off it. But I haven’t lost a pound of weight in over a month of doing one hour daily on my vibrating plate. So..if you are hoping for weight loss I wouldn’t buy this type of machine. But if you want more leg muscle tone, balance and coordination..I heartily recommend it. And the itching side effect isn’t from weight’s from your skin as a side effect of the constant vibration and will go away once you adapt to it. 😉

  10. I just got mines today, please tell me what you do for the inch? I was on it les then 2 minutes and my legs started inching so bad?! How long do this last….

  11. Got mine yesterday and I love it! I have tight hips too sis so I’m hoping it helps with that as well. I got the LifePro one. I’m gonna try the built bars too. Thanks for this video!

  12. great video i now actually hve 3 Vibration Plates lol the lifepro 4d Vibration plate, lifepro mini and then an off brand one..i really love the Vibration plate concept..i also did a few reviews on the ones i have.. keep up the good work💪🏾♥️

  13. I just purchased one maybe 2 weeks ago. I sit or stand every morning and night (15 min each) and with just that alone I see a difference. I sleep better too. I will try this workout routine. 🖤

  14. I’m glad you said all of this.. I thought it was all in my head👊🏽👊🏽 I love mine too I feel a lot firmer now

  15. When I first tried it and got off of it, it felt like I was still moving or vibrating lol.

    I did squats on it and it seemed like it made my muscles sore after a few muscles.

  16. Hello. I recently came across ur video after purchasing amzdeal vibration plate exercise machine. I wanted your honest opinion on if there is one u would recommend. Thanks

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