Vitamin IV Drip at Clean Market | What the Wellness | Well+Good

Vitamin IV Drip at Clean Market | What the Wellness | Well+Good

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Why would anyone choose to get a needle stuck in their arm? Ella Dove finds out when she tries an IV drip at Clean Market. IV drips are moving out of hospitals and into the wellness world. At Clean Market, the NutriDrip treatment delivers vitamins straight into your bloodstream, and can be used for all sorts of ailments from inflammation, to lack of energy, to sickness, to hangovers, and so much more. Watch for a first timer’s guide to IV drips, and to see if Ella thinks they’re just plain weird, or actually worth it. #IV #IVdrip #wellandgood

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  1. As a dental anesthesiologist, I find vitamin IV drips useful for patients having reconstructive mouth surgery or extensive quality dental work done with anesthesia because the vitamin c in the IV bag can help the patient’s immune system to heal the surgical site. IV’s are especially safe in a dental office, as the patient is connected to monitors such as an EKG, blood pressure cuff, and an oximeter which monitors the oxygen in the patient’s bloodstream during the whole procedure.

  2. I love your channel! Holotropic breathing is a big thing here in Colorado, and I’d love to see you try it and hear your thoughts!!!

  3. Been working in the Texas heat all summer..have lost 10 lbs..whipped, detained, dehydrated etc etc…got my 1st one today, oh wow!!! Totally worth the money…I bet feel even better after a good night sleep…

  4. I went today and I got the Nutri Glow gluthatione and vitamin c and my bag was clear I knew something was wrong. I will be cancelling my next appt!!

  5. OMG 😱 ~ why is sum ladies trust fund speak soooo annoying, don’t stress ur syllables at the end of ur speak, beyond annoying, learn to talk (other than that the “actual” videographer was GreaT!)

  6. ok so you shouldn’t eat anymore just hook yourself up to an iv drip to get more "energy" also I don’t trust the words "detox the liver" thats like sweeping your broom

  7. Absolutely insane – why anyone would voluntarily have an IV drip when not medically indicated is beyond me. These should be illegal and/or very strictly regulated.

  8. Not exactly natural or safe in my opinion. Vaccines yes. But injecting vitamins and stuff I don’t think is very safe. We are designed to eat food to get all the stuff we need. This kind of defeats the purpose. Never doing this.

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  10. ya $249 in NYC & Groupon has a different one $99-$139 if anybody was curious i’m not getting paid for google😂👍🏾

  11. I would love this It jus seems like the best way to get your vitamins without having to research what vitamins are in the things u eat then having to focus on those foods

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