We Review & React to 2021’s Best Selling Home Exercise Equipment

You can find some crazy things on the internet, and we knew fitness equipment would be no different. With that in mind, we went on Amazon and quickly found a collection of home fitness equipment that we had to try for ourselves. And some of them were even crazier in person.

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  1. Sounds like you did all your shopping on Wish 🤣. I have a door mounted cable system from Wish and it broke a few days in. I also bought a $20 double din touch screen BT radio for my SUV. The volume would change randomly form really low to eardrum-busting loud. It’s in the garbage now

  2. OMG!!!! I almost peed my pants laughing. You guys are hilarious (I don’t even know if you were trying to be). Well you have a new subscriber. Thanks guys.

  3. Funny video. Have you used any type of portable/travel exercise gear that actually works? I’m rv’ing full time and don’t have access to a gym all the time. Any advice would be great, thanks.

  4. All that was missing is for them to have been wearing that weird pair of sketchers that toned your butt with those pants.

  5. those are all equipments that no one needed… but hey, society is getting dumber and thus buying such sh*t

  6. Say what you want about “The reliancer” (the thing that looks like a torque bow). But, it actually does work and adjusts from 20lbs to 400lbs of resistance. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now it’s just like a power twister.
    You can get a whole upper body exercise in just a few different angles. I would highly recommend it for people with limited space, people on the go and someone looking for something new to try. A little maintenance with a screwdriver might be required as the nuts and bolts on it loosen up after usage. Other than that it’s pretty neat 3.5/5 for me for actual use.

  7. I’m curious how it would go if you did this exact same exercise again only this time purposefully avoid stuff from China.

  8. Guys you always talk about these products having very little tension. But you are both strong as fuck. You already ate up all the resistance dudes.

  9. I rate this video 100/10. I came for honest reviews of excerise equipment and found treasure. I haven’t laugh so hard in a while.🤣🤣

  10. So I just had abdominal surgery and stupidly watched this and I can’t stop laughing . My body hates me right now, 🤣

  11. They are laughing at you cause it’s not an exercise equipment it’s a game called nutcracker roulette.

  12. 🤣🤣🤣 @10:25 with ALL the items at once! 👌🏻 And loving Hudson’s serious narration of the descriptions. Alllllllmost makes me want to buy some of them. 😉

  13. Innovative new ideas seem to be in short supply.
    I wouldn’t personally buy any of these….but thank you for your reviews.

  14. How can you try the best equipment sold in 2021, when we are barely half-way in to 2021, and only a few months when this was released…. what a redundant title.

  15. 4:45 I used to have one of those wrist things back in the 90’s. stopped using it since it caused more pain instead of helping me get stronger. >_>

  16. But those pants are kind of reminds me of an old Simpsons episode where homer couldn’t get the picture of net Flanders out of his head when he was skiing

  17. I had a bunch of ads for those bow things popping up in my youtube ads for awhile but they were some ritzy version. Went to see the price out of curiosity and it was like 500$. Honestly not sure who buys these things for real, but they need their heads examined. I mean, sure you can use them for a few legit movements. But you could just buy a set of bands, take some black ID pipe, put some l joints on both ends and have basically the same thing for like 1/4 the cost.

  18. 9:30 whoever said this is the TOP selling product online is lying (got paid to say that)

  19. I have seen those leggings worn twice in public and if you have not much to start with they sure aren’t going to do you any good. Also they are just super ugly

  20. A ax A fucking ax Most stupidest thing I’ve ever seen And the dude in the black what do you think you are Lizzie Borden lol

  21. Most of the people buying these products are the same ones who ordered Dominoes pizza almost every day lmao

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