Wellness 101 Show – How to Lower Your Cholesterol

Wellness 101 Show – How to Lower Your Cholesterol

And now it’s time for another Wellness 101…How to Lower Your Cholesterol…presented by St. Luke’s University Health Network.

Hey guys…Mr. Wellness here and today we are talking about Cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol, you have a much greater risk of developing heart disease! But the good news is that it’s a risk that can be regulated. With just a few simple lifestyle changes…and I’m talking beyond the obvious of eliminating trans fats found in processed foods and baked goods… you can significantly lower your “bad “cholesterol (LDL) and raise your “good” (HDL) cholesterol in just 3 short months.

STEP ONE: Exercise
Yup…surprise, surprise…you need to work out. According to cardiologists, exercising at least 90 minutes a week is enough to improve your “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides. If you’re one of those folks who says they don’t have time, 90 minutes broken up over 5 days is a mere 18 minutes a day….and still gives you two full rest days to round out your week! Break it up in to 10 minute blocks of activity if you have to…that still counts! Just be sure to choose an exercise that you enjoy so that you stick with it!

STEP TWO: Drop and Give Me 10
You don’t need to lose a ton of weight to make an impact on your cholesterol. Dropping 10 pounds will cut your “bad” cholesterol by up to 8%! Just remember, to truly keep the weight off…you must do it slowly! 1 to 2 pounds per week should be your goal! Not quite sure where to begin? Pop on over to the St. Luke’s Weight Management Center (www.sluhnorg/weightloss) and let the pros help guide you! Help is always available if you need it!

STEP THREE: Get Fishy with It!
The Omega-3 fats in fish not only keep your heart healthy but eating fish two times a week will actually lower your cholesterol by reducing your exposure to saturated fats…which are plentiful in red meat! Here’s the catch though…some fish like swordfish, king mackerel and shark are high in mercury…and can INCREASE your risk of heart disease. So just be sure to select low in mercury fish like bluefin tuna, wild salmon and tilapia to get the most bang for your buck.

STEP FOUR: Simmer Down
Stress can make your cholesterol levels explode! So it’s a good idea to take 20 minutes a day for some YOU TIME! Read a book, take a walk, practice mindfulness, or hit the yoga mat. Life is challenging for everyone now and again and keeping your stress under control will help keep your cholesterol in check!

STEP FIVE: Bring on the Spice
Spices like cinnamon, garlic, black pepper, and ginger do a lot more than just season your food! Research has shown that adding a little bit of these flavors to your food daily, can lower your cholesterol up to 9%! BONUS TIP: adding extra seasoning also reduces your appetite and will help you drop those unwanted pounds a lot quicker! So, spice things up where you can!

Folks…getting your cholesterol under control is easier than you might think. However, there are instances where no matter what you do, you may need to take some medication to help right the ship. If you happen to be one of these people…all is not lost. Even the slightest change or two like the ones I mentioned previously, might give you the opportunity to lower your dosage and decrease your chance of side effects. Don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe to our YouTube channel…for more Wellness 101!

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