What Happens When You Eat 2200 Calories a Day…

What Happens When You Eat 2200 Calories a Day…

This is what happened when I ate 2200 calories a day for the past 5 weeks while cutting. Today I go over exactly what I do in a day while on a 2,200 calorie cutting diet. I go over what I eat in a day, how I train and stay active, and plenty of tips to help you lose weight get healthy.

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  1. Does anyone else just appreciate how realistic his meals are?! I’ve seen a lot of videos where people try to do too much.

  2. I eat 1900 and feel like I’m fat sometimes lmao. I’m 171 about 18-19 percent body fat , 5’9. My mantaince is 2400 if I eat 2200 will I lose fat affectively?

  3. Hey Joey! Would this meal plan still be effective if I’m not able to workout until evening? So having my third meal waiting about an hour to digest and then doing my exercise? Thoughts?

  4. as soon as i heard the monster comment i subscribed. White used to be the best until pink appeared

  5. I eat 2200 calories per day, but I eat some meat soup and rye bread with butter for lunch, and then for dinner frozen pizza with extra parmesan cheese and pepperoni, then for snack 100g of chocolate. Been losing weight steadily, the bloodwork have all optimized. Haven’t lost any muscle at all during this time. Doctors were a bit surprised how all the levels are super healthy, even with eating what is considered junk. Even vitamins and minerals are absolutely spot on.

  6. That happens if YOU eat 2200 calories a day. If I eat 2200 calories a day I will get morbidly obese

  7. I’ve been doing 20:4 intermittent fasting which helped me to lose weight, i can see my abs if i flex them, but i dont feel like losing weight anymore so im starting a 2200 calorie deficit, morning fasted run, eating more protein and the hardest part for me, leaving added sugars, wish me luck 😁

  8. you deserve more recognition this is amazing quality filming editing and content, keep up the amazing work!

  9. Nice video I’m 5’11 220lbs at the moment started a 2200 calorie diet with 215 protein been consistent for about a week and a half now and I’m down 5 lbs I was 225 before I started to be consistent with this diet I walk / run early morning then weight lift for about 1-2 hours I want to hopefully get down to 200 then maintain that weight a build from there

  10. Hey what’s your height and weight? Currently I’m 6’3 255 and want to cut down to 220. Thinking of doing 2200 calories . Any advice ?

  11. I’m 6’5 90kg 198ibs and 16 I’m currently on 2100 calories so u think I need to increase or??

  12. How can you eat like this while cutting? I always thought you had to cut carbs to lose fat. Could you explain how this works please?

  13. Really good video. Me myself is starting my 30 day cut tomorrow. Don’t want to say anything negative but try not to go that low when shoulder pressing. You let your shoulders rest. Try to pendel between the top and above your shoulders and not under beneth them:) Keep it up man!

  14. Hi Joey quick question, do you aim to lose 0.5kg a week or 0.8kg? Massive fan of the vids btw!

  15. Hello Joey!
    I really hope you see this!
    How do you train while cutting?
    Can u put som gym working program here or inspiration?
    Cuz, if you eat 2200 calories and u work out 5 days of a week. That’s still okey? U gain muscle and burn fat right?

  16. Sir i am 14 years old and i went to gain weight so how much calories i need in a day please sir tell me

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