What I Eat in a Day as a Celebrity Trainer

What I Eat in a Day as a Celebrity Trainer

Today I am going to walk you through my daily routine. Eating is very important and so is enjoying the food you consume. You don’t need to eat just chicken and rice to be healthy and fit. This is a lifestyle, the key is to enjoy it. In this video we breakdown what I eat from breakfast lunch and dinner.

Coffee, cold brew with oat milk
Breakfast Omelette (4 eggs, tomato, pesto, artichoke, and fresh basil)

Egg protein
Put the powder in a shaker at home. mixing and drinking on the go.

Grilled Salmon, roasted potatoes, vegetables

Unsweetened Greek yogurt with apple, cinnamon, and walnuts. Sipping on kombucha🦾

Organic grass feed Rib Eye steak with avocado, sun-dried garlic tomatoes, and salad.
Salad: Baby arugula, baby spinach, kale, shaved fennel, carrots, radish, and roasted pine nuts,.
Dressing made from good olive oil, lemon juice, dijon mustard, sea salt, and black pepper.

00:00 – 00:39 Intro
00:40 – 03:24 The Break Down
03:25 – 05:32 Breakfast
05:33 – 06:30 Snack
06:31 – 06:56 Lunch
06:57 – 07:59 Snack
08:00 – 09:47 Dinner


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  1. Easy meals but sort of boring. We do that in my household already, we barely eat outside. Those meals should be easy enough for anyone even on a budget to make at home. Thanks for the video.

  2. Love his take on balance;17 meals out of 20 n there is room for other choices🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  3. Subscribed! No genetics, weak.. below average 18 Surgeries! Stage 4 Cancer Survivor! From 394 lbs to 170lbs! I eat every 2 hours! Yes stay away from sugar! Sugar is the devil!

    I do 3 eggs but I eat the shells? Thoughts

    May 28 had rotator cuff surgery & collarbone I have full rotation now when do you think I can lift?

  4. con 2 comidas grandes + snack tienes, Así comían los primitivos y no estaban todo el día en la cocina, es ridiculo esto de las 5 comidas IRREALISTAS.

  5. Look at that,,, lol. Basically a simple low carb (sub 100g), high protein, moderate fat – whole foods – diet with some targeted workout carbs! … I can do without breakfast and prefer a larger dinner.

  6. And where is the Snickers bar ? This is so hard to belive that a Human can Enjoy a life without the Sugar .
    Great Video 💪

  7. I heard that the body can only absorb 10 g of protien every few hrs. A 40 g protien shake would be a waste of money

  8. Esta gente no sabe que el aceite de oliva o el aceite de palta JAMÁS SE CALIENTAN NI SE SOMETEN A ALTAS TEMPERATURAS. Sigan generandole tóxico al cuerpo de la gran ignorancia detrás. Usen Ghee o aceite de coco o mejor humedezcan el sarten con caldo de verduras y listo NO calienten aceites de prensión FRIA, consumanlos FRIOS.

  9. Your talking out your arse like the rest of ye….I eat what I want simple reason all our foods our poisened from start to finish …I’m 46yrs old aging good great life beer takeaways and exercise…load of bullshit …live life

  10. Let me find out MAGNUS OUT HERE FINE ! I see you 👀,
    I wanna know what’s the purpose of the fresh squeezed lemon juice you had ms Croft drinking early in the a.m. ? Please

    The snacks you made 😊😊 with Kampuchea

  11. Fact is if you eat healthy on a schedule, you also train ur body & stomach to acclimate. I eat like that & I feel great throughout the day. I see results in my lift. Even my abs popped. I don’t eat meat so it’s even harder for me. My snack is whey protein with Strawberry Nonfat Greek Yogurt & oat milk. I drink that at least once a day to tame my hunger. Great video 👍

  12. I’ve been having trouble for two years after having my son with losing my stomach. I try to reduce carbs, more protein, more veggies, and I work out 3-4 times a week. I have hypo thyroid problem. I don’t know if that’s it but I can’t lose this postpartum belly. I don’t drink sugary drinks regularly or have desserts every day. I took a lot of sugar out too. Can you give me any advice for my diet that my help?

  13. Here’s a tip that changed my life. Try to only eat starchy carbs after a workout. All other times…eat vegetables. You will see that you really don’t miss the fast carbs….if you eat them throughout the week. If you say…no to any junk food…you’re just setting yourself up to binge.
    The main thing…is to time it after your workout. You can get away with the cheat snacks like a bowl of ice cream…if it’s after a brutal workout. It’s like Magnus said…though…it’s all about balance. You cant eat a bowl of ice cream every single day..but you get the point. Eat an occasional junk meal…but time it after you train…you’ll be fine.

  14. ummmmmm….. fasting makes insulin non existent and blood sugar stable. It’s why people fast. Eating 5 meals a day will continually spike blood sugar and introduce insulin. Yikes, you’re giving advice :/

  15. Love this video from the breakdown in what you eat to the Awesome FC Bayern jersey in the background. When I lived in Munich as a kid, our Fussball games for high school took place on the FC Bayern practice fields. For the nutrition, I am just starting to get back to my military weight and endurance and many things have changed since I was in shape. Back younger, I ate whatever I wanted and still was able to keep my lean body due to PT everyday in the military. Now that I am much older and not in the military, what I eat has to change so really enjoy videos like this. Tchuss.

  16. I’ve been trying to lose weight for years now, but I’ve never been able to resist the urge to eat mass amounts of food and now I know why. It was because I made the mistake of eating a small breakfast every day, hence the fact that I’d always get hungry later. Since I watched this video and decided to follow Magnus’s example and eat omelettes for breakfast, I’ve found it much easier to resist the urge to eat mass amounts of food at both lunchtime and dinner (not to mention in between). So thank you Magnus! My family actually own three chickens and a coop in the garden, so they’re laying fresh eggs for us every day! Although would you believe it, since I decided to start every day with omelettes they’ve suddenly fallen behind in the number of eggs they’re laying…I may have to threaten to take them to Kentucky and fry them! 😂

  17. Thanks for sharing this! Would love to see more recipes and meal variations/ideas!

    PS. Whats your prefered method of cooking the meat or what do you guys think?

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