Why raw, paleo and keto diets are stupid

Why raw, paleo and keto diets are stupid

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Dr. Jessica Ham at Oxford College of Emory University: https://app.oxford.emory.edu/WebApps/Directory/index.cfm/view/9576

Dr. Tim Crowe of Thinking Nutrition: https://www.thinkingnutrition.com.au/

Study showing humans heating grains about 100,000 years ago (not free): https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0033589408000574

Sample ketogenic diet for children: https://www.healio.com/pediatrics/journals/pedann/2016-12-45-12/%7Bc18fc6b4-746f-446b-8f6c-9cdc046eed9e%7D/the-ketogenic-diet-a-practical-guide-for-pediatricians


  1. Cycling proper Keto into my diet on a two weeks per three months keeps me away from insulin resistence, and also helps me actually absorb my Carbs without getting bloaty and fat. Adam doesn´t look like a guy that has done Keto by the strict guidelines, but if you really enjoy meat, and meat fats particularly, I would suggest trying it for a two week period. JUst make sure to drink a lot of water because all that protein can lead to organ damage if you dont properly flush your system out.

  2. Yup I do trust my nutritionist if their surname is "Ham" the same way I trust my butcher if theirs is "Hunter"

  3. Keto or not keto refined sugars and carbs in excess will kill you. Even though I have avoided most refined sugars, hardly ever touch a sugary drink moderately active, and have never been overweight; I was prediabetic at 66 years of age. That told me that what I was doing was not enough to control the stupid diabetic gene I inherited from my mother. I needed a complete diet, environment and behavior revamp (stress and poor sleep also). I do not know if I am doing keto, I do not want to do anything too strict because my nutrients were also affected at this time of my life. I started by more than 90% eliminating the bread of any kind, rice, pasta, removing anything that reads or looks like sugar from my pantry; substituting my passion for sweet breads, bananas, oats, potatoes, legumes (I still eat these, but not every day, and in very small portions), reading labels and also avoiding any packed foods, oils except olive and avocado. I also never was a heavy carnivore and fat eater, skipped lots of meals because of work demand; I have increased my fat intake, but not by much; added some extra protein. I do eat only twice a day and started going to the gym and doing more walks. I eat plenty of vegetables before I did not, I still drink my coffee, as usual, I was raised to drink it almost bitter; added more green tea. I bake some almond cookies to satisfy my love for cookies. I never drank milk, but I eat cheese, cream, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, and some butter occasionally. I feel good, prediabetes is gone; the only thing that I wish I was able to keep some of the little fat around my small body. Well, I guess you cannot have it all. Good luck with whatever diet you are following for well-being and health.

  4. I did the stupid keto diet and lowered my stupid triglycerides and HS-CRP and nearly doubled my HDL. Stupid keto.

  5. I love how you are trying to diss raw food by using make believe theories. and hypothesis. 🤡 Trying to guess what people at 10,000 years ago 😂. It’s a joke! There is no proof by any of those guesses. And people have been eating cooked foods for a thousand years and only getting dumber, case and point people like you! Sorry but you make these bogus videos that are promoting toxic negativity so you should expect it back.

  6. WRONG AGAIN! Raw food people digest 100% better than cooking food people! They get 100% of the calories that is absurd! if you eat a banana or strawberry or spinach it’s not just passing through you! It digests fast for better digestion. It’s not coming out of you whole! that’s another lie! Cooked food stays in you undigested weeks and months on end, especially meat. People like Joe Cross who only drank juice for 60 days straight still had solid stools 60 days out because food gets trapped in the small intestines. Ask Elvis who had like 30lbs of food in him when he died!

  7. "… coffee ain’t allowed in raw or paleo diets which as far as I’m concerned is reason enough to call them stupid…" 🤣 a perfect line, fellow coffee appreciator

  8. Raw food doesn’t mean eating grass, so we don’t need a digestive system of a cow. You don’t need more time or energy to digest raw food. By the contrary, you digest it faster. Starch is the best source of energy and was crucial for human civilization but it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Raw diet is the best way to avoid obesity and related affections (like hearth diseases). I recently got down 25 kg in 3 months by eating raw food – try to do replicate that with cooked food and then tell me how much of your food was raw food. Today the food variety is much higher than centuries ago. You presented no evidence cooking is actually better nor that you lose anything by eating raw food. You are completely dishonest and your arguments are really dumb.

  9. I have been doing keto for 5 years and carnivore for a year. Never felt better. I have friends who are vegan who say they feel better being vegan. Do what makes you feel better.

  10. I remember hearing about the raw diet and thinking, why the frick would you opt out of having a nice, warm meal????

  11. Oh yeah our “body hardware” aka our digestive tract like our small intestines that is over 40 feet long is not intensive and complex at all. How are you this uneducated?! 🤡

  12. I’m old enough to remember when Desmond Morris and Robert Ardrey’s pop anthro books were popular, all about Man The Hunter and Man The Murderer, and I can’t tell you the petty amusement I take in seeing the whole discipline slowly come to the conclusion that it’s cooking and midwifery that created humanity as a species — all "women’s work" that that entire worldview dismissed or disdained.

  13. 100% WRONG about bean! Raw vegans sprout beans and sprouts have 10-100x more the nutrients then unsprouted and 1000x more than cooked

  14. Keto is an amazing diet. It helped reversed my pre diabetes and definitely helped with my weight loss. I’m not 100% keto anymore but I still enjoy keto alternatives . Now I just don’t over indulge and eat a bit of everything

  15. Hey y’all, thanks for watching the vid! A few supplemental thoughts…

    I will absolutely cop to going with an oversimplified and provocative title here. Sometimes it’s easy to sum up a 13-minute piece of content in a few words that people will actually want to click on, and sometimes it’s not. You usually either need to sacrifice nuance or clickability, and anyone who makes content for a living constantly struggles with the reality that you can’t inform anyone if you don’t get their attention, and you can’t express your entire piece in a headline (because if you could, there’d be no reason to keep writing beyond the headline).

    But, if you’ve watched the video, I think you’ll understand that the basic message is this: If you’re a typical over-fed First Worlder (like me), any diet that gets you out of caloric surplus and replaces junk foods with nutrient-dense ones is probably gonna be great for you.

    The sense in which I’m calling keto "stupid" here is very narrow — many (most?) people who think they’re doing keto aren’t actually eating few enough carbs to be in ketosis, and there is not (yet) scientific literature proving that keto has therapeutic benefits for metabolic syndrome beyond those conferred generally by losing weight and eating less junk.

    The sense in which I’m calling the raw diet "stupid" is narrow — many of its proponents call it a more "natural" diet, which is in conflict with the weight of anthropological opinion, they often fail to consider reductions in bioavailability of nutrients from raw foods, and they often fail to consider the safety implications of eating raw.

    The sense in which I’m calling paleo diets "stupid" is similarly narrow — many of its proponents call it a more "natural" diet, which is in conflict with the weight of anthropological opinion.

    I think the science and history behind all of that stuff is interesting, and I thought you would too, so I made a vid about it. That’s all!

  16. A lot of truth but annoyingly arrogant, and your crappy l, boring and much too long, forced coffee ad.

  17. Funny that you show Da Vincis Vetruvian Man as an example of how an omnivorous diet with cooked food benefits brain growth when Da Vinci was a vegan lol

  18. Most people who fail at achieving ketosis are simply unaware of how much carbs are in everything. They look at sugar only, but not carbs.

    The interesting part of low carb diets is that they teach you how much carbs we consume and how almost everything processed has carbs in it.

  19. It’s not very helpful to call people ‘dumb’ who follow a diet. Diet culture is very problematic and some people don’t have access to helpful information. Also the evolutionary reasons of something doesn’t make it good. (TW rape) Evolution depends on rape, yet that’s not a reason for it being good or acceptable in our western world as it causes immense, unthinkable amounts of suffering.

  20. I don’t understand the big fad about using a diet and not eating carbs to lose weight. You don’t have to avoid carb to lose weight, you have to avoid eating over 2000 calories a day. In fact carbs are pretty important in giving energy to your body.

  21. While the ketogenic diet may have been primarily found on a medicinal basis for epilepsy, there’s no denying the side benefit of weight loss for most people (provided they actually count their carbs for every meal). I hop on and off keto for a month or two depending on how I feel about my appearance and I average about a loss of 20 pounds each time, and I stay active enough to where I don’t have to stay on keto for long or too often (for the record I only consume maximum 30g carbs a day while on keto). Can’t say anything about the paleo diet though, and the raw diet sounds absolutely moronic to me.

  22. I’m reading a book about poisonings that states how a Keto diet is effective in recovering from a poisoning. Includes the story of the Salisbury UK poisonings by Russian GRU of Skripol and his daughter. Apparently that high-fat eating helps the body rid itself of poison. I’m sure that otherwise the Keto diet isn’t very good for most, especially considering cholesterol levels.

  23. I’m a general practice P.A. here in the U.S., and when the topic of weight loss or food choices comes up, the first thing I tell my patients is that even the "nutrition experts" can’t agree on what’s actually right. I tell them to look for the things that are in common among several of the more successful dietary models, and that always brings us to getting rid of sweet beverages, greatly reducing or eliminating stuff that we all intuitively recognize as "junk foods", dropping the starchy side dish off your dinner plate most of the time (or keeping the portion size no bigger than an egg), avoiding sweet stuff in general, eating a bigger variety of veggies and greens than you have been, drinking more water than you have been, trying to get more deliberate sleep time in bed than you have been, and adding some form of deliberate exercise to your weekly routine (doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it gets you a little out of breath and sweating for a good 20-30min or more, and is just for the health of it, SEPARATE from your normal daily activity). It’s real easy to overthink things.

  24. LIE! “some nutrients are lost cooking” LIE. Bro why doesn’t he give examples instead of just making statements. Compare 10 vegetables and 10 fruit and 5 herbs cooked. And use at least 7 vitamins. You won’t because you would see almost ALL vitamins are lost! Also cooking creates carcinogens even cooking vegetables just in the air alone. So cooking indoors is a hazard unless you blast exhaust vents to suck the smoke out. And by smoke it’s not just thick plumes of smoke. You are completely bias! You didn’t interview a raw vegan researcher like Brian Clement! The one example he gave with lycopene is a joke. 1st that was never tested with a raw vegan that is tested on people eating meat, dairy and other junk. Also the difference is negligible, but you loose 99% of the vitamins cooking tomatoes. Cooking and freezing basically kill produce but there are usually flovanoids, antioxidents and some minerals left. Notice Lycopene is not a vitamin!

  25. What is she basing that there is “more energy” in cooked foods? Before processed foods came along about a century ago cooked foods did not have more calories or energy then raw food. And calorie dense processed foods are not making anyone smarter. This is pure comedy!

  26. Don’t know why you included keto in there Adam, especially in the title. You don’t have much of an argument. Ended the video in a bad way….

  27. U don’t look healthy 😂 idk u shouldn’t be talking about health and nutrition based on paper science…. These “DIEts” are shit but raw meat and raw organs are much better than whatever most eat

  28. Right because raw vegans don’t get together cooperatively. I guess she has never seen the woodstock fruit festival. And by the way I’m not a raw vegan I’m just not uneducated like you both 😅

  29. Should’ve been titled:
    *Why Dogmatism in Nutrition is Stupid*
    I’m genetically predisposed to getting fat and diabetic if I eat a lot of grains, and tubers are iffy. Everyone else is welcome to have those things as much as they like, but for me it’s special occasions only.

  30. Funny that you show Da Vincis Vetruvian Man as an example of how an omnivorous diet with cooked food benefits brain growth when Da Vinci was a vegan lol

  31. Paleo is treated like it’s synonymous with AIP protocol, and it’s not, so it makes finding shit about AIP way harder. They literally tacked their dad diet onto a serious series of illnesses that are hard enough to deal with already to try to legitimize their stupid fad.

    Sometimes I tolerate it because some of these fad diets created market niches that made alternative options more easily accessible for us in the realm of snacks and restaurants, and then when the fad passes these things stay because we keep buying them, but other than that? These people are the worst.

  32. The fact that this doofus thinks keto is stupid tells me he has no fucking idea what he’s talking about

  33. Hi Adam, awsome content. Would you shed some light on that brothy back vid. Always liked those type of dishes. Thanks

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