Why Walmart Wants To Be Your Hospital Too

Why Walmart Wants To Be Your Hospital Too

Walmart, America’s largest grocer, launched a primary care clinic called Walmart Health, in September 2019. Analysts say the big box retailer faces several hurdles in its quest to scale up nationally with a roster of highly paid doctors and dentists. But with more than 35 million people uninsured as of 2019, and millions more with high deductible health plans, could Walmart Health’s low price point be the future of healthcare in America?

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Why Walmart Wants To Be Your Hospital Too


  1. Maybe McDonalds will also start building primary care clinics. After seeing this i wouldn’t be surprised. Thank god i life in Europe.

  2. Healthcare in the US is actually a form of organized crime. There is no moral difference between hospital billing and the sort of thing that goes on in dark alleys late at night, with a sock full of rocks over the head or a knife in the ribs.

  3. This is like that mega store in the movie idiocracy where you can buy and get any service in the store including “Starbucks” if you seen the movie.

  4. Explore the world of Hemp or
    just trust an unknown consuming entity called big pharma.
    It is your choice, given condition.

  5. Yes Walmart. The hospitals and doctors have a monopoly. I have Medicare and United Healthcare and radiologists charge more than my insurance pays. That ends up being a tax on Medicare patients.

  6. Next thing you know, Wal-Mart will wanna become your local movie theater as well, by adding movie theaters to the back of their stores.

  7. It could work like laser corrective vision works, but the answer is you have to get away from insurance and go to paid in cash approach like Laser corrective vision did. That’s where the efficiency/optimization in business cash approach is.

  8. Costco clinic will be included with the membership. You know if you get a heart attack from the dollar pizza.

  9. I’d go there if the price was ok and they did a good job. Generally speaking I like Walmart. Save money, live better.

  10. Not only is Walmart doing this for America but being the largest employer in the world, it is doing it to save itself significant amount of costs to its employees while also increasing the coverage

    I see a lot of businessesmen complain about our lack of focus in incorporating big data and AI on healthcare and potentially reducing significant cost from actual service, to insurance but i dont see non of em big guys actually investing on anything that would start the gathering of health data. Walmart did it, i was expecting like some of the Big Tech like Amazon, if they invested in Groceries, then would also invest in these industry just to make use of that data for the betterment of the healthcare

  11. It definitely won’t be inexpensive or even reasonable, Walmart bean cou ters will make sure of that.
    Walmart’s eyewear are just as expensive as private opticians offices.

  12. This is crap Walmart is trying this for the 2nd time. They think they can deliver based on contracted care. Walmart would have to reinvent how medical care is delivered and they will not

  13. I worked for Walmart. One store may have around 1.5 million dollars in loss of product a year. Thats just normal for a Walmart, now imagine you are that product randomly going missing………

  14. The sore act astonishingly tap because lettuce jelly cause across a long-term guilty. secretive, female fertile ceiling

  15. Health care is one of the primary reasons I moved back to the UK 2 years ago, for all the protests about guns etc in the US, the fact people have allowed it to get this this out of control is incredible. Yeah, when in hospital the room (often private room) is lovely but who cares if millions don’t have access and even those that do run up comically high medical bills even with insurance. I hate US medical care, I mean I really, really hate medical care in the US. It is an embarrassment that any western country has a health care system so bad – perhaps the stupid costs would be worth it if they had higher life expectancy etc but the fact is, its at bottom of developed countries rankings. Walmart doing it, irrelevant, until they join every other developed country with guaranteed health care by single payer (nhs type) or regulated guaranteed insurance (Swiss style) it will continue to be a mess.

  16. They’ll put small practices out of business and destroy doctors’ salaries if they succeed, they’ll use old monopoly tactics and lobby their way out of failure is my fear…

  17. No thanks! I’ll pass!! I’d rather nurse myself to health at home. The American Healthcare System is so broken it’s just sickening

  18. The reason why they’re able to be so cheap is because they undercut the workers with almost 0 benefits. Who would want to be a doctor OF WALMART. Im sorry but just the idea of Walmart doctors.

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