Why you should NOT get the NASM CPT || Certification

Why you should NOT get the NASM CPT || Certification

Your best NASM alternative. Instead of teaching you how to PASS NASM CPT Personal training exam (certification), I think you should PASS on getting it. Four years after buying the course and passing the exam, here’s a review on why I think it was a huge mistake.

Instead of worrying about how to pass the nasm cpt certification exam, you should switch your focus to how to be a successful personal trainer.

NASM CPT Certification Review I know many personal trainers think a certification is the only way to be successful in the fitness industry, but there are so many things a certification won’t give you.

More information on the cert from NASM:

To Pass the NASM CPT Exam | Certification, you will have to answer questions on
Questions on Basic Exercise Science
Questions on Anatomy:
Questions on Muscular imbalances:
Questions on Exercises in the OPT Model:
Questions on Special Populations:
Questions on Nutrition:
Questions on Scope of Practice:
Questions on Relating to the client:

But how much of this will you actually need in the every grind of being a trainer? None of it..let me show you a better way! The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)is fine…but you can be better.

NASM Study Guide

Fitness Mentors Study Guide

Blood Flow and the Heart Video

Pocket Prep




+ NASM Early Edition Manual: https://amzn.to/2TRqWDm
+ OMRON Body Fat Monitor: https://amzn.to/2E1pslh
+ Rode Lapel Mic: https://amzn.to/2FNLVDZ
+ Food Scale: https://amzn.to/2DPfmCV


NASM Study Guide Chapter 1 – The Scientific Rationale for Integrated Training

(this ^^^^ website has guides for each chapter that are V HELPFUL so look at all of them)

+ Canon Rebel t5i
+ Sigma 30mm f 1.4
+ Rode Lapel Microphone
+ Apple Screenflow



  1. First off i cant knock nobody hustle unless you are hurting people and that is why i decide to even comment. You are doing a dis service to the profession as there is no short cuts. Ive seen some of the other schools that dont stack up to NASM and their curriculum in most cases its no comparison. It’s like comparing community college to NYU.

    Lets be honest the paper is very important as to where you get your license or certification from. My first personal training gig i got mainly because im NASM Certified i knew how to train people but i was still very green around the gills.

    Also i experience envy even from tbe fitness manager. What i absolutely agree with you about is being your own boss and helping those who want to be there own boss you got my support there.

    But as far as teaching you to gain client and retain them and start your own business that is like chapter 14 or 15 in the NASM CPT manual that’s easy to find in the book you are talking about. Trust me ive seen some Personal training course that when read their way of teaching personal training and then you read the NASM way you will thank god spend the extra money and brought nasm. I dont work for NASM either what im really get at is Have some pride in your work and that not just to you thats for all the trainer who try to take the cheap way in the fitness and health industry it will bite you in tbe butt in tbe long run and you gone have to come back to NASM or the higher training or you gone have to do your own thing. If you cant afford to pay 900 bucks in tbe beginning save your money or get the cheap cert and then save your money again and get the NASM Cert you will get your money back hand over fist 3x.

    Just my 3 cents.

  2. so i just started this quest a year ago. i started out training people for free and wanted to make profit doing it. now i am turning it into an LLC. and making my own business out of it. i really need options of what type of fitness certificate to get thats cheap and available to get just for liability purposes and to make my clients feel more comfortable with me as their trainer. i already have over 25 clients.

  3. Once you have that piece of paper (recognized certification), aren’t you legally covered to offer health and fitness advice to people? I am a massage therapist and HATE that I can’t offer stretches and basic exercise advice on how to prevent certain physical ailments (I specialize in pain relief) to help clients and patients. You’d think that extended training in soft tissue (AKA MUSCLES) would qualify me for this. But no, It is out of my Scope of Practice. I am looking into getting that piece of paper so I can legally offer this advice without getting slapped with a lawsuit. As a very experienced massage therapist I understand completely that certification is JUST the beginning. I had to learn how to gain clientele, run a business, specific modalities and which ones are good for what ailments all on my own. The experience I have had has been way more valuable than that piece of paper. BUT, with that piece of paper I can legally work on people with massage therapy techniques.

  4. I understand completely what you are saying. My question is which book(s) would be best to learn NASM for educational purposes and not for certification?

  5. First I will agree with half of what you have said,80% of the Big BOX GYms , like 24 Hour ,LAFitmess ,NYSC, Retro are moslty shit that Like all of Corporate America is only intrersted in leaching off the skills and work of the workers. There are way too many certifications out there and only a handfull to the gyms I,ve worked for actually had knowlegable qualified Trainers in charge of their Fitness Dept most are Sales Clowns Body Builders, Physiqque models and everything else to despise aboput the Fitness Industry and their Aerobosarus are even worse. That said if someone can;t even pass a NASM exam than I don’t want them working with me because they are a sad joke that is going to hurt both people and the reputation of the Profession that I love. Regarsdless of which cerrtification you get ( They are for liable to protect agasinst lawsuits for those that want to take the no cert route atleast have a degree I have both otherwise you are going to get your ass sued when you injure somebody) It is your responsibilty to attend seminars ,Webinars read books , magazines , internet articles network with your peers, to not only further your Trainng & Programing Knowledge but business knowledge as well. I suggest joining email and social media lists of Certifications and organizations you don,t belong to so you don,t create tunnel vssion for yourself. One of the greatest frustrations in this industry is we have garbage trainers , IG fitness celebrity clowns and informercials made by unqualified greedy dangerous people like Michieal Lewen, Tony Horton, Beto Perez and the Bang energy clowns that make more money than the qualified caring Trainers in this business becuase they are pretty con men that can leach of Americans egos and lazziness, the real science for those of us that know what we are doing takes longer and has less exerices in it . Instead of turning our industry into another Uber Flooded with Knuckle draggers and diet fasting air head blondes that want to be actors lets raise the bar on what an actual certification is worth by requiring State board exams that require a standardiztion of basic knowledge before being allowed to Train clients this instead of your garage band aproach to certifications will elevate the profession in the public eye leading to more trust and increased percieved value leading to a greater wealth for all that deserve it .

  6. I am just starting out with training clients. I am going to be online now. I have been working out for 8 years now.
    Is a PT Cert necessary?

  7. hopefully someone can get to me soon with this cause im so lost.
    21 , my dream is to become a sports nutritionist retire and open up my own office where i personally train people with nutrition and a hint of fitness as well as help those with diabetes, gluten disorders, eating addictions etc. With all this corona stuff going on and how i have to pay for college myself I can’t afford a university, not sure even if i get in roll with the way the world is going if it’ll be worth it and lastly , i don’t know if starting at community college online would be a good choice. I want to start working towards my goals now so i was thinking of going online to get a nutrition certificate but im not sure which one is right or if i should go the traditional way. if someone could help me ASAP that would be appreciated.

  8. I agree to disagree because what I’ve seen is alot of clients want proof that you know what your talking about. The sad truth that I’ve seen is these guys that are on enhancers making those believe they will look like that if they workout and follow them they get alot of clients on false advertisement

  9. I am planning on getting my cpt and cnc … I’m looking into NASM I’ve seen good and bad reviews so now I feel stuck 😞 my plan is actually to be an online at home trainer/ private personal trainer for women … and idk a part of me just wants that title.

  10. I’ve watched so many of these videos and they always miss the most important thing. THEY NEED TO LIKE YOU !!!!! For gods sake nobody will stay with you if they don’t feel motivated or like they can connect with you or enjoy their training with you. I see so many shredded guys just standing there with their client scrolling thru their phone . Unhappy, unmotivated, and no personality

  11. Just found this video after a Google search, I’m looking to get certified to train people, your channel looks like it has a lot of information..anyone have information on where I can legally train people in CA?

  12. Team FitBoss I have started my own fitness training group base on my basic knowledge, it is going ok so far, but I need more in-depth knowledge. what advice can you give me? I also ran into a free online manual from IFA what are your thoughts on it? I KNOW YOU ARE DOING WHAT YOU DO FOR AN INCOME BUT COULD YOU HELP A BROTHER OUT GOD WOULD BLESS YOU. INBOX ME ON FACEBOOK PLEASE MY FB NAME IS Carlson Hackshaw. would be praying and hoping that you reach out to me. I am from a small island in the Caribbean retired police officer just trying to make it in the game.

  13. I have to disagree. You need the certifications and education. You need credibility for clients. You are not going to provide physical therapy services if you are not licensed or certified. You are working with a diverse population of clients with many health issues. You need education and certification to prove some level of competency.

  14. The amount of knowledge gained from the nasm course is unquestionable, i’ve done lots of courses and that one is by far the best one. that piece of paper as you call it is the proof of hours of studying and dedication and trust me guys, once you get it you will feel proud of yourself.

  15. What gyms will hire without a certification Is like to know I’m broke i cant start a whole business right now I could do bootcamps but not have a building or my own gym

  16. You are by far have made sense of all this. Getting NASM CPT certificate is an expensive piece of paper. I purchased the program. Thanks for the links info very helpful.

  17. NASM/ACE Provides you depth knowledge about human body how it functions, this is the only reason to opt for NASM/ACE one should have this much knowledge and rest depends on your skills and your phsique.

  18. I don’t disagree with you saying that you don’t have to spend this money to have knowledge on strength and conditioning, however, NASM is the most respected in the game. After passing NASM I did not think I would use most of the things that I learned but I was completely wrong. Not here to start an argument, but you shouldn’t be straying people away from some of the top CPT programs out there to purchase and learn just because something was not beneficial to you. I mean, why would they be on your wall (expired or not) if they did not mean something to you?

  19. so why get a college degree then? your making no sense. certifications gives you a base line. your just trying to sell a product.

  20. lol so how do you even get clients then? makes no sense. especially with someone new to the industry. You need some sort of validation for anyone to work with you.

  21. You are a "NASM Approved Provider" while you are saying that people should not get the NASM Certification, what a rediculous statement lol.

  22. Vid is a bit confusing..NASM is needed to at least get your foot in the door for a JOB…

    But I think what this guy is trying to get across is to SKIP the JOB mindset that keeps us broke. Supposedly his course Dumbbells to Dollars is for the entrepreneur mindset and teaches you how to learn and market your skills.
    I get it. Great vid just needs to be conveyed a little better for most ppl that have been in the WORKER mindset their entire lives. Which I have as well but I am a Capricorn, so I get it🤓💪

  23. Actually nasm offers you a business accelerators program that really helps you learn how to market and retain clients. Nasm is a great certification they will take care of you by answering questions anytime and helping you become a trainer from start to end. I get your point but there is much more to nasm

  24. I understand that you may have different views, but I believe that getting a certification that is well recognized like NASM is important because it actually teaches the anatomy, how to help others with issues that require modifications, and how to train people individually and work with the function of the body. To me and I may be wrong but it seems like you’re just trying to sell a program and spread a false narrative that you should train without a certified education. This could lead people to think they can be a trainer without getting qualified certification to have important knowledge that comes with training different people with different backgrounds.

  25. I just got my NASM-CPT. I work privately, not for a gym, and wanted to get certified simply to learn and get my foot in the door when introducing myself to a potential client. This is the first video that pops up on a google search- congrats on that- but it kind of blows that someone googling my certification (which yes, I invested a lot in $_$) is going to see this, probably read the title without watching the video, and assume that NASM is, at least in your opinion, an inferior certification. You don’t SEEM like the kind of dude who elevates himself by trashing others… so you may want to edit this video’s title =/

  26. Bro without that piece of people nobody would train with or no one would give you an insurance to become a personal trainer

  27. As a NASM trainer I’ve had interviews and jobs reach out to me because I am a NASM trainer, literally when I first started and had 0 experience was told “If you weren’t NASM certified we wouldn’t have given you an interview” and working in the field I’ve always been the go to guy for knowledge which was all learned through my NASM CPT course or their other CEU courses. This is clearly just “Ima target NASM to get attention but I’m gonna try to sell my own program” 👎🏽 nah.. “why should we hire you?” “Well I did the dollars to dumbbells course” “tf is that? Get out” 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  28. Will potential clients respect your expertise more, like an independent private practice doctor with a medical degree? But I get it.

    Don’t spend tour money with them, spend it with you! This is an advertisement.

  29. This is the second video I have ever thumbs down’d. It’s not the content is the rationale for doing a ferry vs not doing the cert. people do look to know if a person is competent.

  30. well,there are many certificate with less worth.
    "money on hour" is irrelevant if you want to be there,and if you love what you do..
    another question,there are many other certificates,as nutrition and I would mention CES -thats demanding certificate with responsibility if you have it.

  31. What’s your opinion on the NSCA certification? I have a certification through ISSA already and working on my nutrition now but have noticed that ISSA isn’t really like a "go to" for fitness positions around my area. Honestly it’s a great certification and they teach you a lot about clients, how to keep them interested, being them in and so on but, I just don’t feel like it gives you much on the actual movement/exercise, why you should do this, try this to help balance your weaknesses and so forth, end

  32. Crazzzyyy I was with you till you tried to sell your “coarse” 😂 and if the certs don’t matter take em off your wall you know good and well you hold your certs just in case a client asks if youre certified (and having a certification is actually required by some states to own your own business)

  33. Sorry, if I’m client I’m not paying money for a trainer with no credibility. It’s one thing to not have experience it’s another thing to not have experience and no certifications. Also, I see these guys in the comment’s talking about how they are independent now. But they all say I was a trainer/trainer manger for 1to 5 years after I had got more certs already. Of course when, you build up your years in the industry and core clients, you wouldn’t need to worry about certs no more and you could go independent. You will only need a cert if you’re trying to learn something new and reality is you could probably google the info. Don’t let these guys fool y’all, it’s much harder to get a job without a cert then it is with one. Not saying certs give you an job automatically but just think about it if you went to any job saying I know my stuff but I have no experience and no cert/degree either. What you think going to happen? lol

  34. so I am a professional chef for many years and been into sport also i.e. Rugby and has played pretty descent level I have been very interested in nutrition which I have just passed my nutrition coach with NASM do you think it would benefit me in having this qualification also ? as I just want to help people cook better and help change the lifestyle for the better through food and understanding.

    Ross @cotswoldsnutritionchef

  35. Let’s give this video the most ignorant incoherent one in the history of the fitness industry. It’s pretty simple, clients with a brain and common sense will not let you train them just for the hell of it. 15year old kids and younger will say "fuck it, you are built I want to be like you, train me" but that wont work with majority.

  36. The problem with this is this mentality encourages people to cut corners.

    Reading a book and not getting the piece of paper is all well and good, apart from the part where you don’t get assessed to know if you actually know the content well enough to deliver safe and effective sessions.

    Thinking certification only gets you every level jobs is small minded.

    The piece of paper isn’t everything but without it then there’s no standards at all and that is a problem.

  37. So you’re skipping the part where you get certified in order to get insurance to be able to work on your road but pay you instead to do the same course but not get the ability to be insured if you want to go work on your own. They are all pieces to the puzzle if you’re going to be a personal trainer you need to be certified it doesn’t matter if you are working by yourself or working for a box gym. Do not train someone without insurance or a cert. protect yourself.

  38. So dont get certified and take your course? then market yourself as someone who "really knows his shit" without the cert? or take your course and have the tools you need to test and get certified and also know how to market yourself? also i saw in another video that you recommended the nasm above all the others?

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