Will Diet Coke Kick You Out Of Ketosis? | How to Quit Diet Soda | Ashley Salvatori

Will Diet Coke Kick You Out Of Ketosis? | How to Quit Diet Soda | Ashley Salvatori

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Is Diet Coke ok for keto? (the ketogenic diet). Will diet coke kick you out of ketosis? The problem is the artificial sweetener aspartame. This sweetener has the potential to raise your sugars and could even lead to insulin resistance. It can also increase appetite causing you to eat more and snack more. With a ketogenic diet, we are trying to lower sugar and inhibit insulin resistance, so Diet Coke or other sodas which contain aspartame would not be recommended.

In this video I give you the steps to stop drinking diet sodas!

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  1. So it’s the sweetness that supposedly tells the brain to tell your body to produce the insulin so why would the sweetness in zevia be any different.?

  2. Studies have proven you wrong! It have never impacted blood sugar and others have tested this theory and completely opposite of what your saying. Please research and provide evidences before giving medical advice.

  3. So confusing! And frustrating honestly. Just finished watching a different video by someone else stating that though diet soda due to the Aspartame is not good for overall health, it will not kick you out of ketosis because it fits the low carb profile of Keto.

  4. I love Diet Coke, it’s the one thing I don’t want to give up. I only drink one a day though, I used to drink 3 or 4 a day, yikes. The worst thing to be honest though, I like it when I wake up, it’s terrible…..I still want one a day, but I need to stop putting it in my stomach right when I get up.

  5. Omg. So glad I watched this. I drink diet soda occasionally but mostly because I use Splenda a lot. I use it in my bullet proof coffee but I’ll stop after seeing this video. Thanks!😄

  6. Wow. I thought I had problems. I’m over here worried about drinking two a day, some of yall are drinking like 15 a day! I feel so much better now.

  7. But there are PLENTY of diet soft drinks that no longer contain 951, which is aspartame. When it comes to the packet sweeteners, it’s not the aspartame that’s the problem, it’s the malitol & maltodextrin that they use as fillers.

  8. There is something wrong with your Keto meter. All tests conducted by professionals within the keto industry, including Dr. Berg, who vehemently detests aspartame for other reasons, have indicated that it has absolutely zero affect on your keytones. Aspartame has been proven again and again to have absolutely no adverse affect on insulin. This includes the diabetes Association of America.

  9. I’m so sad I’ve been on keto for 7 days and I drink a lot of Diet Coke. I’m not even gonna weigh myself because that probably means I’m not in Ketosis and losing weight

  10. Damn it… I use sugar free creamer… I was wondering why I felt so GD hungry after the past few days. So, basically I’m out again… DAMN YOU INSULIN

  11. 01:58 Hmm.. ketones down – I get it, but glucose levels risen ??? [since Diet Coke has *no* carbs, *no* caloric value. Right?]

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  13. So what about Aspartame-free Diet Pepsi? Would this cause an insulin spike? I’m not into the whole ingredient research and testing, just wondering if you know anything about it.

  14. After taking aspartame for 5 years my gut was in very bad shape, I was in pain every time I ate, I had all kinds of exams and no Dr. Could help me it was after I stop eating Splenda that The stomach pain was slowly going away I’m still recovering it’s been 8 months with no aspartame and My digestion is working better. I do believe that all my stomach problems was because of the Aspartame.

  15. this explain why I gain weight again. I was 78.8 kg when I startrd keto and I lost 6 kg which made me 73kg within ten days. i remember I drink diet soda night after 10 days and when I weigh myself in 12th day im 74.4 know. Now i’m depressed. I dont know what happen. thank you. Now i know what is the culprint. I have to start all over again

  16. I tested with my ketomojo my glucose did not change ketone still good Diet Coke do not spike your insulin and I’ve never been depressed

  17. I’ve watched many Diet Coke blood test and even Docter’s reviews. Diet Coke or Coke Zero will not kick you out of ketosis. You clearly don’t know what your talking about no offense. Bad video

  18. In my early 20’s, I drank 18 cans of Coke a day… yep, you read that right…eighteen 12oz cans a day. I was working 16 hour days and on call the other 8. Years later I ended up with my gall bladder removed and then a fatty liver because I still drank 3-4 a day regular sodas. I have quit a few times then went to Diet Coke…. Still horrible. Quitting again and I hope to just stick to water, lemon water, acv & lemon water, wheatgrass juice sweetened with Stevia and bone broth. It takes more than a week for most!

  19. If this is true, how do i use my energy if no ketones and no sugar!! If i drink 2 leters of coke zero, which is 0 calories, what do i burn for energy??? If not ketones!!

  20. I just kicked the diet soda a week ago. I was drinking 12 cans of diet Mountain Dew everyday for years. My ketone levels while drinking the pop was roughly .7- .8. I quit by doing a 3 day water fast and I did take caffeine pills to not go through caffeine withdrawals, but I am currently having aspartame withdrawal. I replaced the diet pop with just plain water. My ketone levels since I’ve quit are a consistent 4.1- 5.

    Today is the first day in a week where I’m not craving the soda!

  21. I believe diet Coke causes endometriosis in women. Have you had any slight pain in your uterus when you consume diet Coke?

  22. I’m a post-menopausal woman who avoided ALL sweeteners for the first 6 weeks of keto. My blood ketones were consistently 0.6-1.5. Last night I allowed myself a 24-oz Diet Coke and woke up with a reading of 0.1. OUCH! Learned my lesson. I also made keto ice cream with erythritol and it triggered my sugar cravings so badly I ate a whole pint! As someone with lifelong sugar addiction, I’m going to avoid the keto-friendly desserts as my pancreas is so easily fooled.

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