1. Current owners:
    J2 Communications: National Lampoon, Inc.
    Active Home Video: ComScore
    Academy Entertainment: Lionsgate
    Wood Knapp Video: Unknown
    Arman Julian Productions: Unknown
    Sony Wonder: Sony Corporation
    Video Treasures: Lionsgate
    Goodtimes Home Video: Cinedigm
    AIP (Action Internation Pictures) Studios: Filmrise
    UAV Corporation: Hasbro
    Holden Production Group Video: Remains self-owned
    Parade Video: Inspired Corporation
    Forum Home Video: MGM
    U.S.A. Home Video: Lionsgate
    MGM/UA Home Video: MGM
    Producers’ Video Inc: Barr Entertainment
    Vestron Video: Lionsgate
    RKO Pictures: RKO Pictures LLC
    ABC Kidavision: Disney
    Polygram Video: Comcast/MGM
    Uni Distribution Corp: Vivendi
    Prism Entertainment: Lionsgate
    Strand Home Video: Lionsgate
    Goldhil Video: Cerebellum Corporation
    Barr Entertainment: Unknown
    Best Film & Video Corp: Remains Self-Owned
    Fire and Ice Entertainment: Unknown
    Embassy Home Entertainment: Sony Corporation
    Lorimar Home Video: AT&T
    First Run Video: First Run Features

  2. MGM/UA logo came from Secret of Nimh. That was such a good movie. Isn’t that a Don Bluth gem next to An American Tail?

  3. 1. J2 Communications
    2. Active Home Video
    3. Continental Video
    4. Academy Entertainment
    5. Wood Knapp Video
    6. Arman Julian Production
    7. Sony Wonder
    8. Video Treasure
    9. Goodtimes Home Video
    10. AIP studios
    11. UAV corporations
    12. HPG home Video
    13. PPI entertainment Group // Parade Video
    14. Producers’ Video Inc.
    14. Vestron Video
    15. RKOV Pictures
    16. ABC Kidavision
    17. PolyGram Video
    18. UNI distribution Corp.
    19. PRISM entertainment
    20. Strand Home Video
    21. Goldhil Video
    22. Barr entertainment
    23. PolyGram Video (Version 2)
    24. Maier Communications
    25. Best Film & Video Corp.
    26. Fire&ice Entertainment
    27. Embassy Home Entertainment
    28. Lorimar Home Video
    29. First Run Video
    Note: Whoops I Messed Up First run Video So I Edit this

  4. oh boy! a wonderful collection of nostalgia! i wonder what the commenters thin- it’s just annoying kids in this comment section, isn’t it?

  5. This must be one hell of a workout video if all these companies are involved. (I know it’s a compilation video)

  6. Why are you including stuff like Sony Wonder, Strand Home video, Polygram Video, and MGM/UA home video, to me those aren’t Workout home video logos.

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