Worksite Wellness Dietitian Job Opportunities

Worksite Wellness Dietitian Job Opportunities

Stacey interviews Carolyn Micali, MS, RD, Health Management Consultant with Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC, about Worksite Wellness Dietitian Job Opportunities.

Corporate Wellness jobs for dietitians are abundant and expanding. But do you know how to tap into this field?

To learn more about Worksite Wellness or Corporate Wellness job opportunities for dietitians, I sat down with Carolyn Micali, MS, RD, a Health Management Consultant with Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC, in the Mid-Atlantic Region. She shares her insights for dietitians wanting to find job opportunities in corporate wellness, including how to connect with brokers (or agents) that you can work with to bring in more business.

As a Health Management Consultant, Carolyn taps into her skills she learned as a dietitian to boost her success, including her understanding of disease states, researching and analytical skills, her deep desire to help people, and her ability to sell companies on why health is important and which specific programs are helpful.

NutritionJobs: Tell us about your background as a dietitian, how you got interested in Corporate Wellness, and how you got your job as a Health Management Consultant?

Carolyn Micali, MS, RD: I started in private practice, at a gym, working in weight loss, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. I then found the job as a Health Management Consultant by networking. I work with an insurance broker connecting with companies who have 100-1000 employees. I don’t deliver nutrition services now, but rather I help to connect health care with employers wanting worksite wellness for their employees. The best part is I now make more money, have more stability, and I get an annual bonus.

If an RD wants to work in Worksite/Corporate Wellness how should they find brokers to connect with and pitch the idea to work with them? What’s the step-by-step process to find this work?

Carolyn Micali, MS, RD: On LinkedIn:

Connect with similar job titles: Health Management Consultant, wellness consultant, population health consultant
Filter for health insurance or insurance broker.
Start with local companies then move to the big ones, such as Marsh, Gallagher, Willis Towers Watson, AON, Hub International.
When pitching, start the conversation with, “This is what I do, this is my background”.

What types of services could a dietitian offer an employer for Worksite Wellness or Corporate Wellness?

Carolyn Micali, MS, RD: Dietitians can have many offerings:

Individual one-on-one nutrition counseling,
Group Lunch and Learn sessions or activities
Meal planning for individuals or groups
Virtual grocery store tours
Virtual cupboard clean-outs
Virtual ingredient swaps
Group weight loss programs
You can offer al a carte or create packages, such as 1 Lunch and Learn per quarter + 3 hours/week of 1:1 counseling in the office (or virtually).

If you want to learn more about these opportunities, connect with Carolyn on LinkedIn.

Market Yourself as a Worksite Wellness or Corporate Wellness Dietitian
If you want to market these offerings you can build out a page on your website (even if your website is a landing page), Instagram, or other social media advertising your services.

Also remember to showcase your offerings on your LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn will be your biggest source of referrals most likely. Include the Corporate Wellness or Worksite Wellness keywords in your Headline, in your About/Summary section, your Contact section, and Featured Media or Articles sections.

Sell the employers on the benefits of custom wellness programs for their employees. Worksite Wellness Programs can:

lower health care costs
improve employee productivity
employee retention
reduce absenteeism
increase morale
increase creativity
improve mental wellness
Your potential clients need to know what you can do for them! Use your LinkedIn Profile as a smart way to show them how you can be of service.

Do you need help with your LinkedIn Profile? Check out my Step-By-Step Course to get an All-Star LinkedIn Profile at your own pace (or hire me to help you!).

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