1. This shit murdered me back when I used to play Xbox Fitness.

    I want to start getting in shape but I’m pretty self-conscious about heading to the gym, which is stupid as hell since I pay condo fees for my condo’s gym every month.

    But I remember how this excercise would get my heart pumping and make me sweat so much – thanks so much for posting this video. I’ll try to do these exercises multiple times a week (combined with dumbbell exercises, and god-willing, a good diet lol).

  2. Looking for workout ideas being in isolation and I remember doing this when Xbox fitness was a thing. I’m gutted they got rid of it but so glad I found this, thank you! Now, to find Mossa Groove!

  3. I find it hard to get motivated to work out the xbox fitness made it easy to do. Wish they left it on and not deleted it. Thank you for these videos.

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